Show & Tell - New Goodies!

Yay! I'm not as busy anymore! I can finally catch up on your beautiful blogs ♥ It really sucks knowing that I've missed so many posts during the past weeks, lol. Its 10 PM right now and I'm eating a late snack (well, not really a snack, more like a meal - see below - lol).

This is what I make when I'm lazy but
still want to grub on something good, haha.
Vermicelli with sliced pork, cilantro, cucumber, peanuts
and home made sauce drizzled with some chili sauce.
Usually I add lettuce and other things, but I ran out, lol.

Looks nice when you make it, but not after you mix it, aha.

I've been waiting for a package since the end of February and now that it has arrived a few days ago, I can finally share! I'm not going to show everything I've accumulated over the past month, I'm just highlighting some of the products that I'm sure I will be enjoying, so here goes!

First up, Clinique's Happy perfume set. I purchased this before Valentine's Day and I'm not sure how many people out there like this perfume, but I sure do. Along side my Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Clinique's Happy is second in line. I really like how light and fresh it smells. Its a nice everyday scent and isn't overpowering.That huge pencil your see is actually a perfume stick. The sharpener is made specially for that. I think I'd like it better if the perfume stick is a roll-on rather than a pencil though. Doesn't seem to helpful to me to have to sharpen it if I'm in a hurry, but s'okay.

I didn't initially want to purchase the Maybelline quad, but I've heard many great things about it, so I decided to try it out. The quad I got was Natural Smokes. The main lid color (looks similar to MAC's Satin Taupe) doesn't show up on me well though. I have to pack it on, but the crease and outer corner colors are super pigmented. I wish the crease color was slightly less shimmmery, but I still like it nonetheless. See the pattern on the blush? Adorable isn't it? Its limited edition for Maybelline's new spring range. The color I purchased was Pinch of Coral. Its a nice natural coral color that isn't too in your face. It just gives you a nice flush. The brush applicator sucks though, its too scratchy! I purchased three liners - Wet N' Wild's Creme liner and H20 Proof liner - both in black (these are bomb!) and Benefit's Babe Cake. Babe Cake comes with two colors, brown and black so you convert between day and night looks. For those who may not know of cake liners, they're basically powder that you activate with water to use as a liner. It dries matte, lasts long and gives intense color. Cake liners are more popular with makeup artists (it keeps everything more sanitary), but I think it's starting to make a comeback. I had to wait 3 whole months for this liner to come back in stock! Luckily the nice SA saved me one (it sold out in one day!). I'll do a post on how I apply cake liners in a later post. The mascara (Define-A-Lash Volume) was just an impulse buy as I needed mascara.

I've never tried anything from FLIRT! Cosmetics so I was excited when I saw this. It's the Act Natural™ Light & Sheer Foundation SPF15 in 04 Bodacious Beige. The reason is because I think I may have found a good alternative to MAC's Face & Body foundation. Of course, they won't be identical, but the idea of a sheer foundation to even out the skin tone and buildable coverage is what makes it similar to me. I've been wanting to try MAC's F&B foundation for so long and never got a chance to get it even when it came out with the HD collection. Yes, I know I can order online, but its a bother sometimes. So I was looking high and low for something that could be similar and I think I may have found it. I'll do a review after I've used this more.

This my friends, is what I've been anticipating for such a long time. I first heard about this palette from Pixiwoo but didn't really look into it until I saw the amazing EOTDs by Gio of Beautiful With Brains. The colors looked amazing and for the price, I really couldn't believe it! So after looking really hard, I finally found a site that had these in stock! The palettes I ordered were Storm and Safari. The packaing is matte and "sleek" - yay for no fingerprints! I hate the plastic though. It cut my cuticles when I was trying to get the palettes out, lol. STORM is a nice neutral palette with a mix of shimmer and mattes - warm & cool browns, cool grey-blues and a nice cranberry color. SAFARI has brighter colors such as orange, golds, greens and teal - also mixed with shimmer and mattes. I can't wait to test these babies out and do EOTDs!

Items I left out were MAC's Fix+ Spray, Clinique Clarifying Toner 2 and Clinque Dramatically Moisturizing Gel. I forgot to take pictures, but that's alright since I'll be doing a full skin care post later this month anyway.

Is there anything in this post that you have already tried? Let me know what you think! Have a wonderful day and & week everyone. Talk to you all soon ♥


  1. So many great stuff!
    First of all, I think your salad still looks nice after you mix it! I'd like to eat those cucumbers right now. LOL
    I've never seen a perfume stick like that before. Looks like a great thing to have.
    Those Maybelline eyeshadows and blush are so pretty. I love the colors. And I agree, the pattern on the blush is super cute.
    And I can't wait to see your EOTD's using Sleek palettes.

    p.s. I'm happy that you have some more time for yourself now. <3

  2. I think that meal still looks good even if it's mixed lol :P

  3. haha i have wet n wild's creme eyeliner too
    total bomb
    love it to bits and pieces

  4. I've been waiting for your package for months *pouts*

  5. Awesome haul! Your late night snack looks yummy :) can't wait to see your EOTD with those new goodies!!

  6. i love the creme liners!!! besides the clinique stuffs and mac fix+, nth else is available in where i stay :( i'd LOVE to:

    -see how the cake liners work
    -what u think of the sleek palettes
    -see your eotds using it!

  7. Hey Dee;
    I love,love,love your beauty buys pics! Now that im on a break, im gonna show off my haul of the month too soon. I cant wait to post pics of my Benefit spree & your bday package, of course! =D

    Clinique Happy? I love it! Though it's not really my fave perfume, but it's for my casual days. I've tried Define-A-Lash mascara, but the one with green packaging. Not my fave >_< Hope this one works well on you!

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  9. Kasia: LOL, I thought it looked odd when i mixed which is why I usually just eat it as is cause it looks prettier, haha! I can't wait to test those sleek palettes out too!

    Anjalee: LOL. I figuredy ou would say that, aha.

    Lynn: Yes! I think that's the only creme liner I prefer. I mostly go for gels.

  10. AtelierGal: You told me to wait didn't you? LOL

    Dina: Thank you!<3

    Ee Von: Really? You don't have Benefit in your area? I'll put your requests on my list<3

  11. Great haul! I'm glad you finally managed to get the Sleek palettes, they are awesome aren't they? Safari is one of my faves as it has a nice mix of colorful and neutral shades. Plus, they are all so pigmented! I look forward to see the looks you'll do with them! The new Sleek website will be launched in about an hour (finally!) so hopefully it should be easier from now on to get their products for everyone. And thanks for the mention too.