Blast Them Zits!

I realized I haven't done a skin care-related post in quite some time now so I want to share with you something I've been using to keep my zits at bay. The product I'm going to talk about is the Boots Anti-Blemish Night Moisturiser.

Dries up zit pretty quick
Doesn't make skin flake
Gives skin a smooth finish
Light, thin consistency
Doesn't leave residue on the skin
Absorbs quick

Not available worldwide
Isn't moisturizing enough for the whole face

Would I repurchase?: Yes.

Ingredients List & Cautions

I purchased this at Target for around 5USD and I first started using this all over my face in my night routine, and I didn't quite like it much. I then decided to use it as a spot treatment, and it worked really well. I think that if you're like and only get acne in certain areas, then its better to just use this a spot treatment as it isn't moisturizing enough to use a moisturizer for your entire face. However, if you have acne everywhere, then I would recommend using this all over your face before using a moisturizer as it absorbs super quick.

It has a clear gel-like texture and as you spread it around, it starts to get liquify. This thing works really quick (for me). Sometimes I don't get enough sleep or sometimes I don't rinse off my makeup completely (guilty!) and I get a pimple. I would dab a bit of this onto the culprit before bed and it'll be significantly smaller in the morning! Sometimes it even completely disappears! I have been using this for a good four months, and it has not failed me. I really recommend this for anyone to try out since it is easily accessible for most people and it doesn't make too much of a dent to your wallet.

I didn't find it irritating my skin in any way, and I didn't find it leaving a residue, cause any flakiness or dry out my skin. Of course, we all have different skin types, so I would advise that if you purchase this, test it on the back of your hand and make sure this won't cause you any irritations.

// EDIT: To those who may be trying to find a site to order Boots from you can try checking

DEAR FTC: I purchased this with my own money and I'm in no way affiliated with the company mentioned. All reviews are 100% honest and un-biased. What works for me may not work for you, so please do use any product with caution. Please view disclaimer for more details.


  1. Wow, it sounds great! Sometimes I get a pimple at night too, and mostly it's due to stress and lack of sleep.
    Too bad this product is not avaiable here.

  2. this product sounds amazing. these days I don't care about "Anti-Blemishes" products, it's just a name, IMO.

    Avoiding coffee keeps acne at bay. I've been on detox for a week now :)

  3. Thanks for the review! It sounds so great, but we don't even have that brand at here..

  4. Kasia: I think I'll send you one in our swap! Yeah, lack of sleep can hurt our skin. I feel bad about all those teen years I spent all late nighters, lol.

    AtelierGal: Yeah, I don't care much for Anti-Blemish products either as they don't work, but this one surprised. I purchased it out of curiosity, haha.

    Dina: You can find this product through I think. I'll link it in the post. (:

  5. Anything that you'd repurchase should be good! I wish that the Boots line is sold over here in MY *sighs in jealousy* hahaha

    Dee, get the O2 mask! hahaha XD

  6. wow
    this really sounds good.
    sigh malaysia is really losing out in terms of product choice

  7. Blair: Yeah, I wish it was too. Its hard to write about stuff that isn't available anywhere else, lol. Yes! I'm going to be ordering the 02 Mask soon! I hope its still in stock where I buy it though, aha.

    Lynn: I don't think Malaysia is. In fact I think the US is out of it when it comes to products itself, lol.

  8. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on this too. Been having some persistent cluster of break-out on my jawline.

    For 5 bucks, I am game to try it. and it's overnight treatment. I would just use it as spot treatment. The nearest Boots to us here in MY is in Thailand! Argghh!