A Piece of Me...In March 2010 + SOP How-To

Hey hey, it is time for A Piece of Me again, now on for the month of March. Is there any one out that who's experiencing Spring yet? Its still cold, cloudy and gloomy where I'm at - its like fall/winter, lol. Any way, let's get to Pieces of Me! Remember to JOIN Pieces of Me ♥

This month....
I like: that I'm finally catching up with my projects!

I don't like: my classes are taking too much of my time.

I want you to know: I'm actually enjoying life now.

I've planned: to start working out more!

I want to say to someone special: We will get through this!

Now on to the DEMO!

I then sharpen the edges and repeated the process on my lower lash line and added liner and mascara. FINISHED RESULT!


  1. I love your "piece of me". I need to start working out too. I'm not in a good shape...

    You have no idea how I wish I lived in Cali to enjoy the nice weather all year round.
    Just wanted to tell you this ;)

  2. I really love your makeup skill Dee! Pass me your makeup skill please :D

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. This look is so pretty!

  4. Lynn & anjalee: Thanks girls!

    Dina: LOL, I bet you have amazing make up skills already!

    Kasia: Thanks! Haha, trying to work out by yourself can be hard. Its difficult to find motivation, lol.

  5. Hey dear, do try to find time to relax in between classes & projects, ok? You & the bf will get through this lol

    Milo is doing well: eat, sleep, shit, play. He's enjoying life.

    As for me, it seems that things are just starting to look up, then it comes crashing down. It happens again and again. My life sucks to the max.

    Glad you're doing well, just don't get infected by me.


  6. Dee, I lurve lurve lurve your tutorials!! :)

  7. Gio & Blair: Thank you girls! Glad you like it<3

  8. AtelierGal: I have, I usually sleep when I do find time to relax, aha. Nah, there's nothing for you to infect me with *HUGS*

    LOL, glad Milo's been real happy<3

  9. No! I don't even know how to use liquid eyeliner yet, LOL. You're far far better than me, why do you think i never post any FOTD or EOTD? :D