Love From Malaysia Part Dos!

So, this was supposed to be a swap/bday package with the lovely Hanna and since the items I was eyeing wasn't available, Hanna decided to purchase me similar items and substitutes. I'm really liking Etude House so far. This is definitely one of my favorite Korean brands alongside Banila Co. ♥

Let's start with the extras she threw in

Hanna gave me sheet masks once again. I feel like I have no need to get sheet masks anymore as Hanna is such a mind reader and I love every one she has sent me so far! This time she got me two Etude Aqua Sherbet Mask Sheets and two Black Bean Nose Packs from Skinfood. I've been having some issues with blackheads so let's see if these nose packs would work well!

She also added in two nail polishes. I don't know if you can tell, but the black nail polish has some pretty silver shimmer/reflects in it. The other is a super bright purple that is a real head-turner. I'm not sure how I'm going to wear that color, but I'm going to try, ha! I'm sure most of you might already know I'm not that big on nail polish because they don't look right for some reason, lol. The colors are Shade 03 Sexy Black Heel (from the Mini Heel Pedicure line) and the other is PP901 Hot Purple (from the Petite Darling Nails line).

Ok, the first image above is the item I initially wanted, but for some reason, the SA told Hanna that no such product exists. Odd huh? LOL. So Hanna was so nice to get me two Magic Tint Balms as a substitute. These are real nice and go on smooth. They remind me of MAC's Tinted Lip Balms which I'll be doing a comparison in a later post, so do keep a look out for that. There are two colors, red and pink - though it looks super bright in the pot, it comes off real natural on my lips. I really like this.

Lastly, Hanna got me Cute & Sexy Eyes in 03 Coffee Khaki. The textures of these eyeshadows are real nice. They're pretty similar to MAC's Veluxe Pearl eyeshadows. They're very soft and pretty pigmented. The khaki green makes such a nice liner and accent color, the chocolate brown makes a good everyday color and the vanilla color makes such a beautiful highlight. I thought that the black was going to be matte, but it actually has multi-colored micro glitter - its not chunky at all, its real fine and super pretty! Definitely recommend anyone to get at least one eyeshadow palette from Etude.

Thank you so much again Hanna for everything - I really adore everything you got me! *HUGS* I hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for reading. ♥


  1. That's so sweet of Hanna... That's a lot of stuff from Etude House :)

  2. Hanna sent u such lovely items from Etude House. I have the same palette as u and it's really pigmented right! U've got me eyeing the lip plumping tint sweetie :)they look so pretty!

  3. Hey dear, I hope you'll have fun playing around with your new beauty goodies from Malaysia. ;) I know, this time around the package is smaller both in size and items. I hope the extras could make up for it.

    Oh yeah, in this pic the other nail polish dos look hitam! (literally mean 'black') LOL~

  4. nice goodies from Hanna. Etude House stuffs are so cute.

  5. btw, why can't you wear earrings anymore?

  6. Lovely lovely package from Hanna! Can't wait for your comparison post! I'm all for dupes hehe~

    Yeah I might order the Secret Highlighter from Gmarket. I'm sure there are testers for the Secret Shine Bases in SG.

  7. Hanna is so sweet! She sent you some great stuff. I love the palette, the colors look so pigmented and beautiful!

  8. - Vonvon ;
    Yes, Hanna's such a doll!

    - Blovet Beauty ;
    Its definitely pigmented! If you can find that tint let me know what you think of it! LOL.

    - Hanna ;
    Haha, definitely! I thought it was black, then when I really looked at it, I saw the sparkles, lol. No worries dear! Its the thought that counts! I love everything<3

  9. - Dina (XYYAN) ;
    I wear gauges (: Agree, Etude items are so adorable and they work real well!

    - Blair ;
    Definitely write a post on the Skinfood highlighter if you do decided to get it. For some reason the name for it sounds so appealing, lol.

    - Gio ;
    Yes, the palette is gorgeous! If you can get your hands on it I'd totally recommend it!

  10. wowww lovely items from etude! I always like their stuff :D

  11. Nice EH gifts! I have an EH product in your love package too^^

  12. hey i wanna see your cute and sexy eyes! hehe