Leon's Organic Eye Care Recipes


This is so long overdue - I apologize! A lot of us now are starting to do DIY skin care. We're all starting to make our own masks, scrubs - even toners and moisturizers. It gets exhausting seeing new products come out in the market that claims to do so much and yet you get no results. Especially when it comes to eye care. I'm going to be sharing what I think is one of the best organic eye care books I've read to date - or more or less, the only eye care book I've read and will read, haha.

Organic Eye Care Recipes was written by Leon Rao, a natural skin care advisor and the owner of Beauty Secrets Revealed. Leon has also written the ever so famous skin care book, Leon's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets, which features Ayurvedic (in short, Hindu system of medicine) recipes.

This book is filled with loads of information, tips, recipes and even eye exercises (massages people, lol). I still haven't even tried most of the recipes and tips she has in her book, but the ones I've tried so far, have worked real nicely. Now, I have naturally dark circles all thanks to genetics, but with this book I was able to make my eyes appear less dead and more alert - especially on days when I don't get enough sleep! I've also noticed the fine lines around my eye has dramatically softened and I am ecstatic.

I highly recommend you ladies (and gents) to check out this book - especially if you're looking for affordable alternatives to get rid of dark circles and crow's feet. She even talks about your diet and how to take better care of your body inside and out. This book originally goes for $27USD, but now for a special limited time offer, you can purchase this book for only $18USD + you get two free books along with it. Its a great deal, so don't miss out.

check out here:
Organic Eye Care Recipes

I've been hearing a lot of great things about Leon's natural eyelash serum, Lash Mantra as well. I've been lemming on that beauty for quite some time now and I recommend you all checking that out as well. Its an affordable and safe alternative to those other lash serums in the market today.

**DISCLAMER: I was given this product to review and all opinions are based on my own experiences. What works for me may not work for you. Before doing any type of DIY skin care, preceed with caution.


  1. Interesting! I wish I could get this book here. I'm gonna check at some books stores. Will you blog about some of the tips that your tried and they worked? i'd like to dry as well, cuz I have bags under eyes especially in the morning.

    Well, anyways. Today I got you some Inglot stuff :) Hope you will like what I picked for you and also I purchased some organic eco-cosmetics for you. :) Next week I'll get something else I have on mind and in the end of November/beginning of December I'll be ready to swap dear! :)

  2. - Kasia_B ;
    You can't find this book in stores, its an e-book (electronic book), so all you do is pay and download.

    Thank you so much! I'm waiting for Black Friday to come because that's when everything is 50-60% off. Since I'm hoping to get you 2 MAC lipsticks.

  3. wow... natural lash serum.. I really need it right now Dee!

  4. can you please tell us what your doing for your under eye circles at the moment? mine are getting worse because i'm currently having sleeping issues!

  5. I love DIY posts; I post about them all the time at my blog too. I'm a HUGE proponent of Ayurveda. The stuff just works. I just stumbled on your blog and loving it so far. :)


  6. - Blovet Beauty ;
    You should definitely check it out! I hear it works wonderfully!

    - nee ;
    I'll try to make a post on my eye routine and maybe some sleeping tips. I've had my bad cases of insomnia back in the day. I'll try to do it soon!

    - Clearly Beautiful Blog ;
    I kind of got away from DIY skincare for a while only because I got lazy, but I agree. I really does work. Thanks for your comment!

  7. ditto to nee's request... i'd love to see organic/DIY options available to minimize the appearance of under eye circles... i hate mine :((


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