Love From Malaysia + Question.

I was happy and relieved that Lane received my package, and then I came home last night to find my long awaited parcel from the awesome Hanna has arrived! Here's a quick sneak peek of my next post.

Yes, that's a drawing of Kakashi from Naruto
just in case you're wondering, lol. (:

Ok, so my question. I really don't know who reads my blog besides a few fellow bloggers and some friends. But I don't know what to do with this item. So, I'm sure that most of you have read my product focus on the two 88 palettes - Matte/Satin and Ultra Shimmer. This isn't a bad palette really, but I've found the regular 88 palette to be more useful to me so the 88 Ultra Shimmer is barely touched, and it looks like brand new - aside from a few scratches on the cover and I've used probably a total of 6-7 colors at most. So should I give this away along with my upcoming giveaway, or should I sell it? I'm willing to let this go for $10USD + shipping. Payment will be done through Paypal. Shipping will most likey be $5-8USD depending on you're location. I'll sanitize it and use extra bubble wrap to make sure this palette will be in top condition when it reaches you. Original price I got this for was $25USD + shipping on Stars Makeup Haven. Feedback/comments will be appreciated so much thanks!
Resized pictures so they may look odd, lol.


  1. aw if it was the matte palette, I SO would've bought it off you!! I'm not a huge fan of the shimmer. I suggest selling it, make some of your money back... but I'll be excited to receive it you do a giveaway! :)

  2. Oooh Etude House items! Can't wait to see what Hanna got you =D

    Thanks Dee for getting back to me! I'm also eying Banila Co's The Secret Highlighter and The Skin Food's Lime Secret Shine Base. Have you heard of these highlighters?

  3. wow!!i see etude house... dang, was thinking of sending u some in future.. i can't wait to see more of what hanna sent u!!

    ALSO! babes!! did u draw KAKASHI???? OMG!!!! I've been looking everywhere for a pencil sketch of a samurai *-*

  4. ohh cant wait to see what you got! ETUDE! ooooohh!

    i have the 88 and 120 palette and barely touch it. maybe i should start playing with it again ^_^

  5. - vnssa906 ;
    I do want to sell it, but then there's so many people out there that has this I'm not sure if I'll have any buyers. I think I might just give this in my giveaway since its barely touched, lol.

    - Blair ;
    Yup, I've heard of them. I wanted to try the Banila Co Secret Highlighter too! Works just like Benefit's! I haven't heard of the Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base though. Sounds nice. If you do get it, I'd love you to write a review!<3

  6. - Blovet Beauty ;
    Haha, I'm starting to adore Etude House, so we should deifnitely do another swap soon! LMAO. Haha. I wish! I can only draw Kakashi's face, that full body one was done by my friend. I requested it from him because he's way more talented than I am and he's so amazing in detail and shading. That drawing was done by pencil only!<3

  7. - Nee ;
    Yes! You should play with it more! I'm sort of eyeing the 120 palette and I really need ideas of looks I can do, lol.

  8. I would say sell is just cause that way you can make up for what you paid for. But if you're okay without the money and you do want to do a giveaway, i'm pretty sure you're followers would appreciate it and have fun entering!

    Good luck with your decision :)

  9. Is that my package? LOL I had no idea that the stamps were everywhere! Blame it on the PO guy. Unlike back in KL, here in small town the PO staffs do everything, so I have no idea how messy the packages I sent turn out to be. =p

    As for the giant palette, I'd say sell it! It's really nice of u to reward your readers with the lovely palette but I honestly think organizing a blog giveaway/contact sometimes can be pain in the neck. Not to mention time-consuming. Well just a suggestion...

  10. Hi dear!! :)
    Next week I'm gonna go shopping and I'll check things out for you, I'll go to the original Inglot's boutique too, so I'll get you something. Would you like to get some nailpolishes or lipsticks?? if so what colors? We don't have here Sleek cosmetics, sorry :(
    If you'd like to I could pick up for you a few organic cosmetics from Polish eco-plantations like shampoo, body scrub, masks etc. Let me know if you'd be interested in that too.

    I do like eyeshadows in neutral, matte colors like beiges, browns, milky colors. For my face hmmm...I use some bronzer. I heard Stilla ones are good and this brand isn't available to me here. I dont know if it's expensive or not tho.
    Thank you that you can get me those MAC lipstick and UDPP. I'll more than happy to get them. From MAC lipsticks I actually like 2: angel and blankety, so either one of those will be fine.
    I'm very excited about our swap! Really!! :)

  11. - CHEECHUN ;
    Thanks sweety for the suggestion!

    - Hanna ;
    Haha, yeah, there were stamps on the front and back, which I don't get why when there's room to put in all on the front on one side. It was so beat up though! I just happy that everything wasn't broken!

    - Kasia_B ;
    Let me go and check to see if Inglot's site is back up. I'd like to get a 10-pan palette from them! I'll get back at you hun!