Shiseido Maquillage 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

Give it to Shiseido for wearable fall looks that aren't too dramatic for the weary. This collection gives sutble elegant colores and a sleek look that Maquillage always seem to pull off effortlessly. This collection was released since July I believe, but these images are really nice, so I figured I should post them up.

Designer : Alexander Wang

Instruction on how to apply the eyeshadows will be included in the box.

Collection Looks:
Cool Feminine Look on model Yuri Ebihara

Cool Noble Look on actress Ryoko Shinohara

Warm Active Look on actress Juri Ueno

Warm Stylish Look on singer Anna Tsuchiya

Warm Bright Look on model/actress Karina Nose


  1. I'm eying BR365! How about you?

  2. I am in love with ANNA TSUCHIYA. Watched her on NANA & she has such an amazing FACE!This line looks extremely slick and the colors look so complimentary on asian skin!

  3. I meant " Sleek" not "Slick" heehee

  4. The Coffret D’or SA was showing me a pwittiful mirror, lipstick samples and I can’t remember what else if I purchased a palette. She was super generous!

  5. Are you planning on getting any of them? if so, you should do one of the looks for us ^_^ i'm loving the cool feminine look!

  6. Blair ;
    I'm eyeing the GY857 (:
    Aww, lucky you! i wish we had Coffret D'or here!

    Blovet ;
    I like her too, she's a great singer. I'm happy she has less dramatic makeup on, lol. I can't wait to get my hands on them too! Too bad the prices are marked quite a bit in US. ):

    Nee ;
    I'm trying to get a palette, but I'm trying to refrain from getting makeup online since its so addictive, lol.

  7. Oh dee, I went to test this line out when I met my fren the other day. The colors are really flattering and pigmentation wise, its quite good. Also, I watched some U tube vids using this palette and the color payoff is nice! The only downside is the price:P