Go For The Bold - FOTD

I've never done any kind of bold lip before and I thought that it would be fun to do this. Actually, I was supposed to post a Kim Kardashian inspired FOTD, but I wanted to do this first since its more simple. This look only focuses on the lip. Lip liner is a great way to even out your lip shape and make them more full and plump. Top it off with your favorite gloss, or lipstick and it could freshen up and change your look dramatically. I'm not a fan of lipstick, so I only used lip liner.

I kept my eyes au naturel - nothing is on or around my eyes besides a little concealer. Yes, I have dark circles. -_-" I look like I have no lashes in this picture, haha.

L'Oreal True Match in W7 Caramel Beige
Butae Oil Control Powder in Golden Beige
Cover Girl Perfect Blend in Charcoal (eyebrows)
I know my brows look a bit harsh, but I ran out of my favorite brow pencil. BOO.

Vaseline (to give a natural, soft sheen)
Rimmel 1000 Kisses Stay On Lipliner in 061 Wine
Unknown burgundy lipliner

I go back to school next week! College is a pain I tell you. The first day is hideous - I can never get a good parking spot because its always so packed! Then a month later, almost a third of the students drop their courses and all is good, lol. My boyfriend's pup is not feeling so well. She's so adorable and super playful. She's so cute when she's sleeping! I'm not that big of a fan of dogs in general, but she's just too cute for words.

My mom purchased the L'Oreal Extra Collagen mascara yesterday and I tried it. This mascara sucks ARSE! It clumps like there's no tomorrow and feels heavy - the brush sucks too. Don't waste your money on it.


  1. Aww...that pup is so cute~~ Sleeping animals are so cute! The L'Oreal mascara was just launched here. I'm not much of a fan of mascara nor L'Oreal, I'm still waiting for Maybelline's Pulse Perfection.

    Honestly, I don't take much risk in my makeup. But last night I was testing out different looks for today DIOR event, I'm gonna go bold(in my own way lol) with my eyes. :D

  2. I agree on the Loreal mascara..i tried it at the pharmacay and it was horrrible!! U look so sharp with the red lip babes:)

  3. Nice FOTD! I love siren-red look. I've been playing around with the look but never dare to post the pics up for my FOTD, haha!

    Aww poor lil thing. Speaking of pup, yesterday one of my cats, Fifi almost went missing. Well I said almost coz it was the first time in her life that she went missing for almost half a day. My family and I were worried that we would end up losing her forever. thanks God she came back home this morning. =D

  4. Ateliergal ;
    I heard some good things about Pulse Perfection. I hear Lancome's Oscillation mascara gives more volume. I'm not that big of a fan of L'Oreal either, but every now and then I use a product from them. I rarely take risks in my looks too (well, because my BF would tell me to take it off, lol), but this was fun. You should do more FOTDs!

    Blovet Beauty ;
    Aww thanks sweety! I was afraid I would look like a vampire or something, lol. I think you'd look beautiful in red lips too! Yeah, that mascara is probably the worse mascara I've tried. It actually makes Great Lash by Maybelline look good, lol.

  5. Thanks for warning about the mascara, I think I'll pass then.

    You look beautiful. I love the bold lips.
    Your boyfriend's pup is soo cute!

  6. Hi Dee,

    This look is so glam and gorgeous! Like the lips a lot.

    Btw, I finally got my hands on some of the Love That Look e/s...I know I am a bit slow when Make-
    Up Art Cosmetics collection is already out in the US....got 3 of their e/s but not the usual colors I'd get for eyeshadows...will post up my haul soon....

  7. Vonvon ;
    The new collection that came out isn't my fav. I didn't see anything I liked. I can't wait to see your haul dear!