Love From Malaysia

I guess I should start where I left off. This is part two of my recent haul and its a swap package from my dear friend, Hanna. Most of you may know her and maybe read her blog. She's a real sweet girl and she was so nice to send me a ton of items! Sadly, she won't be blogging as much as she use to since she's been relocated due to her job and she's going to be quite busy. I miss you already Hanna!

I've sent you your items 2 days ago (about time, I know) since the items you ordered came pretty slow. And I forgot to add in one of your items because I misplaced it. Sorry! I'll send it to you ASAP, I promise. Ok, now onto all the wonderful items she's sent me.

When I first saw the package, I was a little surprised of how long the package was, considering the items I asked her to purchase me. As I opened the package, it was packed!

A bunch of extra goodies! I'll talk about the extras she gave me first.

She included a Malaysian version of Seventeen magazine featuring the Jonas Brothers. Now I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the Jonas Brothers at all, lol. Though inside had a ton of great stuff - fashion and beauty wise. Hanna also included four brochures which were two of ZA (supposedly a line that was known the US?), one of Maybelline's Cat Eyes Mascara and Gel Liner and one of SK-II. She was also awesome to include the Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara what's not available here in the US. It has real pretty packaging - its back with a metallic pink design. Hanna also included Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss - which was in my wishlist! I can't wait to try it! Those "Sotong" items are actually Honey Cuttlefish. I told her how much I like them when she sent me some last time and she gave me some more to grub on. They're seriously delish, I can't believe we don't have that in our local asian markets!

I mainly asked her for Skin Food items, specifically the Aloe Vera Cream & Foaming Cleansers since the samples worked so well for my skin. I haven't had a breakout since I've started using it, which is amazing. So now all I have to worry about are my remaining scars that still haven't faded yet. I'll be doing a post about how I cleared up my acne and ance scars in a later post. The samples you see in the picture are Herb Salad Masks, Aloe Vera BB Creams, a Mushroom BB Cream (my fav of all Skin Food BB creams) and a Rice Wash-Off Mask. I can hardly wait to try them all.


  1. What a lovely swap!!! ZA is a drugstore line under Shiseido. The weird thing is this line isn't available in Japan.

    Dee, is it okay if you follow me? I'd hate to disqualify your entry to my giveaway =(

  2. Sorry Dee! Ignore my previous comment hahaha. I'm BLIND!!!

  3. I don't like the Jonas Brothers. They are not that good-looking and I don't get their appeal lol

    I've been using Skinfood's Gold Caviar serum & cream recently. Not reccomended for oily to combination skin. My skin felt oily few hours later, I still love Clinelle's Moisture Glow.

    I've changed your url on my blog :D

  4. i went to skin food today to check out the aloe vera BB cream and see for myself what the fuss was about. Their products were heavily scented so I was a little afraid.. But it seemed to have worked well for u and its interesting that it hasn't caused any breakouts since you started using it.. can't wait for ur review

  5. Blair ; Haha, its ok! Its under Shiseido? I've never heard of it until I saw those brochures. Maybe they're not advertising it as much or maybe they're targeting ZA in other countries.

    Atelier Gal ; Trust me, I don't get their appeal either. My cousin is in love with Joe Jonas. I don't know how someone can fall in love with a guy with such bushy eyebrows, but yeah, lol! Most of Skinfood's items are made for dry skin. Sad though, I can't try most of their items!

    Lane ; Yeah, most of their stuff is pretty scented, most not all. Some have a faint "natural" scent if you get me. I thought the same thing too! But when I tried the sample and it lasted me a good week 1/2 I saw a difference in my skin. No break outs, bumps and my skin looks a bit smoother. I'll be sure to review!

  6. hehe im eager to try masks and their bb creams
    i mean i tried their bb cream already
    loving it too
    will grab it when im in budget
    stupid tsf never have salesss :(

  7. Dried cuttlefish = yummy. Me likes :D Though I prefer the traditional one. Grilled with salt and some spice, and dip into sweet chili sauce. My fave snack when I went back to my parents' hometown. Too bad it stank my clothes badly! :P
    I like Za cleansing oil.. Pretty affordable and it does a good job :D

  8. LyNn ; Yeah, I hear that about TFS. Plus, I hear their stingy in samples too, hahaha.

    Shuu ; Exactly! I still love it even though it stinks up clothing at times, lol. Is it? Hmm, Maybe I might try it. I'm not that keen on cleansing oils.

  9. Dee!!!
    Thank God the package arrived safely! LOL that Jo Bros! Which sane girl above 14 year old would adore them? But please, look past the sickeningly-teeny bopper cover and soon you'll find that 17 M'sia is not that bad.

    Wow I didn't know that MM gloss was in ur WL! So i guess u could cross one item off ur wish list now. ; )

    Darn I miss blogging! Wish I could catch up with u all. Take care hun!

  10. Hanna ;
    Haha, yeah. I looked past the whole Jonas Bros. cover and when I looked inside, there was a ton of nice articles. The magazine was actually refreshing since I'm looking at more, I guess, "asian" models, that aren't super skinny with the long legs as you would see in most mags. It was refreshing to look at. Yup! When I saw it, I was excited! Aww, I wish you could too! I hope to talk to you soon. (:

  11. ooo btw za cleansing oil is now on a buy 1 free 1 promotion at watsons, malaysia :P

    and i relinked you already.
    cheers ;)

  12. LyNn ;
    Are you serious?! Gah, I'm not at Malay! I can't go get one, lol. Thanks dear! I'll link you as well. (: