Laneige Fall 2009 Collection Preview


Laneige has come out with a Fall collection full with the color plum being the main focus. Its very sophisticated and Song Hye Kyo wears the color beautifully. Facial Shop has already put the liquid liner and eye shadow quad on their site. I think they'll be adding the rest of the collection later and do check it out since this collection is limited edition. The packaging is quite lovely I must say!

On another note,

Aren't they cute together? I'm ecstatic that they're dating, HAHA.


  1. I love Song Hye Kyo too! Her skin's flawless~. I've got makeup hauls coming in these 2 days, stay tuned :)

  2. Laneige is so super smart to have nabbed Song as. Her face alone will do the selling:P hehe

  3. Atelier Gal ; Awesome! I can't wait to see your haul posts dear!

    BLovet ; I know they're brilliant. SHK has great skin and features.