NEW - NYX Runway Collection, Caribbean & For Your Eyes Only!

If you would like to see some swatches of the palettes I purchased, you can head on over to this post.

Hey lovlies! Ok, I was really excited a few days ago when I found out that NYX Cosmetics came out with some new palettes! I've seen all the swatches, and I must say, they're super pigmented! There are a total of three collections out - the Runway Collection, Caribbean and the For Your Eyes Only palettes. The palletes are said to be a combination of satin, matte, frost and shimmer colors - which is good because we all love variety of course! NYX has also stepped up their game and improved their packaging as you can see in the picture below.

So, let's start with the For Your Eyes Only Collection! So I was watching a video and it was said that NYX teamed up with makeup artists to custom pick colors that would make certain eye colors stand out.

There are four palettes in the For Your Eyes Only collection and there are ten eye shadows in each palette.

Next, we have the Caribbean collection. There are ten palettes in this collection.

This collection features original best-selling NYX shadows in a 5-color palette.

Lastly, we have the Runway collection. These are my favorite out of the bunch.

These feature 10 eye shadows like the For Your Eyes Only palettes.

Right now as we speak these are flying off the shelves, so do try to get them while they're still in stock. So hurry, they're going fast! Shopping wise, the NYX Cosmetics site sells these palettes for $9USD, while other places like Cherry Culture and BeautyShopOC sells them from $8-8.25USD. The cheapest price for these palettes I've seen so far is $6.75-7.99USD on EBay.

I'm definitely going to purchase these soon and do swatches and reviews! They look really promising! To view more swatches, please head on to Makeup By MommaGee(she's awesome!). I'm definitely going to feature one of these palettes in my giveaway - so stay tuned! I hope everyone has a great week!

Oh and Lane, I know how much you like NYX, so I have a surprise for you when your birthday comes around! You too Hanna! ♥ (;


  1. I really need to reducing the time visiting your blog LOL So much tempting stuff! =D

  2. OMG DEE!! I have been eyeing these palettes for a LONG LONG TIME.. I always go into cherry culture to look at these!! U are the SWEETEST Dee!!

  3. The Runway collection is nice!! I think I like Jazz Night and Versus

  4. i like the for your eyes only and runway collection :)
    looks so pretty~

  5. AtelierGal ;
    I feel the same way when I see on your blog I like. LOL.

    BLovet Beauty ;
    No problem! I know how you like the pigemtation on NYX shadows. (: I can't stop looking at them and the swatches after I found out about these either, hah!

    Blair ;
    I like Versus too!

    Lynn ;
    I agree. The Caribbean collection seems a bit boring to me.

  6. Very beautiful colors! Are the eye shadows talc free? I do not use any talc in my cosmetics or personal care products....talc is a natural substance but also a carcinogen.

  7. Robyn ;
    I think most - if not all NYX eyeshadows include Talc.