Morphe 35W Palette


A week ago, I was in Concord with the mister to check out Guitar Center and we decided to visit a mall nearby. Low and behold, there was a small beauty shop that carried Morphe along with Sigma and other brands. Initially, I wasn't planning on purchasing anything, but I saw this palette and liked the color scheme, so I made the purchase.

My first palettes from Morphe were the 35O palettes (reviews here) and I adore those, so I had pretty high expectations for this one. 

Brand: Morphe 
Where to Purchase: Online (MorpheBrushes.Com) 
Price: $19.99 USD 
Pros: Pigmented, Applies Smooth, Contains both matte and shimmer textures 
Cons: Some shadows that contain glitter doesn't apply evenly

The packaging on this is the same as the other Morphe palettes I own - matte black casing with 'Morphe' printed on top. You're greeted with different pinks, oranges, browns and some purples ranging from shimmers, satins, mattes and glitters. 

The textures on these are a little harder and aren't as creamy to the touch like the 35O palettes, but they still have the same smoothness when applied. The only bummer shades were the ones with glitter - they didn't go on as evenly and I had to apply in layers in order to get an even opaque application.  

Now, on to the swatches! My favorite rows are the second and third row. I always gravitate towards warm pinks, peach/oranges and mauves. 

I really adore the satin shades - they give off a lovely natural sheen and I enjoy using them for everyday as it isn't too in-your-face yet gives a nice glow. A lot of these shades - the pinks in particular, are great for bridal makeup. It is a shame that all of the shadows aren't consistent in here, some are more pigmented than others (some of the pinky shades needed an extra layer or two to swatch properly), unlike the 35O palettes where all of the shadows were great. Nonetheless, I do think that this is a good palette for beginners or those who want to add more shadows into their collection without breaking the bank. I have some looks I want to do with this palette that I will be posting soon so keep a look out for that.

Take care everyone,
xo Hani

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