Morphe Brushes 35O Palettes


Let me tell you, when I saw Nikkie of NikkieTutorials make a favorites video that featured these palettes, I kid you not, these puppies sold out quick! I was only able to get one of the palettes the first time, and when I saw Morphe update their IG saying they had restocked, I moved quickly to make a second order, haha.

Brand: Morphe Brushes
Product: 35O Nature Glow 35 Color Palette (Shimmer and Matte)
Price: 22.99 USD (20.70 with 10% discount)

These are the only palettes that I own by Morphe, so I don't have much to say about them. Only thing I can say is that with the first palette that I ordered, because it was so backed up, it took almost a week to process (due to overwhelming amounts of orders) . Though once shipped, it arrived within 3 days. The second palette was a quicker process. Order was processed, shipped and arrived in less then a week. When arrived, it was in a fairly big box packed in between a bunch of foam and bubble wrap - very thorough. So far, I have no complaints with shipping or customer service.

I won't lie. When I ordered the shimmer version, I thought it wasn't going to have much payoff because of how the shadows looked. Plus, I thought the shadows would look overly frosty. Once I started swatching, I was pleasantly surprised. Shadows were smooth, nicely pigmented and didn't crumble (a problem I had sometimes with the BHCosmetics palettes).

With the matte palette, I was blown away. The shadows were smooth and creamy to the touch, almost little to no fall out and pigmented. If you like matte shadows, I think you should go and purchase the matte version. You won't be disappointed. The quality actually beat some higher end brands, and that's saying a lot.

Let's start with the shimmers first. All swatches were done using a brush.

Now, the mattes. I'd have to say I was more excited swatching this palette. Just look at how pigmented each shade is. It's ridiculous. The sun was coming and going through my window so I apologize if an image looks cooler or warmer than the other. I made sure that the swatches came out true to color as possible!

Both are good palettes, but I think if I were to recommend one, I'd say go with the mattes. This is because its harder to find an all matte palette where the pigmentation, texture and application is consistent. What do you think of these palettes? Do you own any or these in particular?

Also, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY, everyone!


  1. That matte palette... I'm sold. All the matte neutrals under the sun! Argh need.

    1. Right?! I really thought I'd be more swayed with the shimmers, but these mattes are gorgeous. Definitely your type of palette hon!