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Last year, I went on a cross-country road trip and while in Virginia, I purchased this little guy while visiting The Face Shop. Its been quite a while since my last Korean or Japanese brand review, so I'm actually pretty excited to be exploring these brands again. For those who are unaware, The Face Shop is a road-shop brand (Korean's version of drugstore, but stand alone stores) and most of their items are between 8USD to 20USD - from what I've seen.

Where to Purchase: Online Korean Shops or THE FACE SHOP stores
Shade: 08 Orange Syrup
Price: $9USD
Pros: Pigmented, Affordable, Travel Friendly
Cons: Availability
Recommend: Yes

You have a clear, plastic casing and snap closure. It's a see-through type of packaging, so it makes it great when you're in a hurry or traveling, you can see what color it is before even opening.

In the pan, it looks like a full-blown orange which can be intimidating. But when applied, you get this lovely peachy sheen with fine golden shimmer. This looks amazing during the summer time when I'm more tan. It gives me such a nice glow to my skin and doesn't look heavy at all. This would even make a great highlighter for deeper skinned beauties as well!

Natural Lighting

Under Flash 

You do get some powder kick up as you dip your brush into the pan, but that happens even with more pricier blushes and I feel that if you use a lighter hand, it doesn't get too crazy. Its not super powdery and it feels smooth to the touch. It blends nicely into the skin and the shimmers don't look harsh. Again, with all my swatches, I use a brush. Left side is a heavy swatch and the right is a blended swatch.

I had to compare it to another peachy, orangey blush that I adore - The Balm Hot Mama!. In the pan, you wouldn't think that these would be similar, Hot Mama! looks more pink in the pan. When swatched however, they're really close. Almost dead on and might I even say, could be a dupe.

Natural Lighting - Left is The Face Shop & Right is The Balm Hot Mama!

Under Flash - Left is The Face Shop & Right is The Balm Hot Mama!

See? Very, very close. If anything, Hot Mama! is just a tinge more peachy-pink. I think that this blush also looks close to MAC's Melon Pigment as well (I will add swatches once I find the pigment!), so if you're looking for a cheap alternative to Hot Mama! and Melon Pigment, I recommend giving this product a try.

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