Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Shimmer


When I'm asked by friends and family about good drugstore brands, Sonia Kashuk is one that I always recommend. Her line is available at Target, it has a wide variety of good quality products at affordable prices.

I absolutely adore the Eye on Neutral Matte palette, so I have major expectations for this one. Compared to the older packaging (which I no longer have), its much more sleek in a matte black casing, clear windows and a simple logo stamped right above the shadows.

You get both warm and cool neutrals, which is great. Upon first swatch, I immediately thought I was going to love this palette as much as the original. The shadows felt extremely soft to the touch almost as if it were a cream, it was pigmented and glide on smoothly when swatched on the back of my hand. Though, swatching with your finger and a brush is completely different. I always use a brush to swatch eyeshadows and with a brush, it was bad.

These shadows are crumbly. Even with a light touch, there's a lot of kick up. Doesn't matter how careful you are, you will get excess powder all over your palette. I have no problem with shadow kick up, but if you're getting loose powder just by opening the palette, then yes, I'm not cool with that. The texture of these shadows are similar to the Wet N' Wild 8-pan palettes.

Natural Lighting 

I find these shadows are slightly more on the frosty side rather than shimmer. I do like that they blend well without looking muddy and this would've been a great addition to the matte palette and its workable - I just don't pick this up as often as I probably would due to the crumbly mess.

If you've never tried Sonia Kashuk shadows before and want looking to check them out, the Eye on Neutral Matte palette is great.

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