Makeover and Estee Lauder Wild Violet

I did a quick makeover for one of my aunts (I did make-up for 3 people that day o_o) who was getting ready for a wedding reception last July, She's not one to wear any eye make-up besides liner and mascara, so when she asked for a smokey eye, I decided to keep it subtle. I was able to use Urban Decay's Naked Palette on her and half baked looked lovely on her. She asked to use her own foundation. I left her skin satin-y, but I guess she wasn't used to it and she powdered her skin when I left the room looking for something. Sneaky, sneaky, lol.



Maybelline Angelfit Primer
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Estee Lauder Double Matte Powder
Sonia Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tint in 03 Poppy
MAC Hipness Blush
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette - Half baked, Naked, Smog, Darkhorse & Creep
The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter
N.Y.C Bronzer in Sunny

Foundation, powder and lipstick used is her own.

Has anyone seen or heard of reviews on this collection yet? Their Extravagant Gold palette is already sold out on their site so I'm hoping to get that after getting my hands on the Wild Violet palette!


  1. I haven't heard anything about this collection. good thing, I'd be going nuts hunting for it. but it's sold out. what can i do? :(

    But you did an amazing job! she looks stunning! you have talent! keep itup!

  2. your aunt is gorgeous! great job on her make up and love her outfit too^_^

  3. Hi Hun..Happy New Year, I hope u had a great one.
    Sorry for my late comments , life has been so busy for me.
    Your aunt looks so gorgeous with the makeup actually she does look pretty without it too but u have done a great job, makes me wanna purchase the Naked Palette too bad we don't have this brand here^^;

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous transformation! :) LOL, what is it with the older generation of Asians wanting matte skin? My mom powders her face until she's wholly matte too, lol. Dewy, ftw! :D

    P.S. I regret not getting that Hipness blush. :(

  5. o.o your aunt looks fabulous after the makeover., you are so talented! i like how warm and radiant her skin looks and the eye makeup is just nice :)

    that purple shade in the palette is to die for!

  6. Wow she looks gorgeous Dee! Gotta get my hands on a naked palette once it's in stock again.

  7. Wow, she looks gorgeous! You did a fab job!

  8. Wow!!! She looks amazing! You did an amazing job!


  9. nice make over!! you made your aunt look so youthful and younger :)

  10. Jennifer
    Thank you!

    Only the neutral palette is sold out, but the other two aren't yet! :D Thanks a lot!

    She definitely is for her age, thank you!

    I'm pretty sure there's a blush out there that's close to Hipness. Haha, I don't know either, its not like they look greasy, but I guess I think so, lol.

    Ee Von
    I love that purple shade too! Her skin was already nice so it just made the make-up look much better!

    Blovet Beauty
    Its actually good that you didn't get it yet. Urban Decay changed the dual ended eyeliner to an eyeshadow brush. It costs a few bucks more, but it much worth it cause the brush is 20+!

    Thank you hon!

    Thank you dear!

    Thank you so much!

  11. Zoe
    Thank you dear, no need for the apologies, we all get busy<3 Thank you for your comment! There's actually tons of dupes for this palette, just keep a look out!

  12. Her cheekbones are better defined! Good job, babe =)

  13. I like the makeover you did for your aunt! that's so nice of you :) have a great weekend

  14. Oooh lala...your aunt looks hot! You've got good makeup skills gal! I wish I can get my face over to you to do that for me. Can't send my face over unfortunately. Heheh.

  15. Great job! It's so sweet of you to do a makeover for your aunt ^_^!