Strawberry-Melon Daifuku, Ramune, Lotte and Choco A~npan

I rarely do blog posts on food so here's one dedicated to some of my favorite Japanese snacks & drinks! Its really hard to get them where I live and it can be such a bother to order online, so I was excited to spot a small Japanese mini shop in my town!

Brand: Calbee Chips
Flavor: Hot & Spicy
Price: $1.59USD
I was going to post how the chips look like, but these chips were gone so fast! They're not exactly hot or spicy, its almost like tasting kimchi flavored noodles packed into these chips. Does that sound a little weird? Nonetheless these taste pretty good!

Brand: Sangaria
Flavor: Ramu Bottle (Original I guess? LOL)
Price: $1.79USD
I love the bottle with the marble version, but for the price, I didn't get much. This is more bang for my buck and tastes so good! This reminds me of Sprite almost.

Brand: Sangaria
Flavor: Melon Soda
Price: $1.79USD
Tastes like carbonated honeydew! Haha. :D

Brand: Lotte
Flavor: Koala Choco Biscuit
Price: $1.59USD
Has the flakiness of a biscuit with milk chocolate filling. They actually taste pretty light.

Brand: Bourbon
Flavor: Choco A~NPAN
Price: $1.59USD
Think bread buns filled with chocolate. My BF doesn't like this very much, but I do. It reminds me of the old school days when my grandpa ate vanilla ice cream with french bread.

The best for last. I love these fruit daifukus (mochi)! I usually get the strawberry and melon flavored ones. The strawberry ones tastes like jelly flavored mochi whilst the melon ones have more of a rice bean texture & taste to it. Only issue is that the melon flavored ones don't have as much filling as the strawberry. They're very addicting and I'm definitely going to get mango & pineapple next!

We also had some hot pot the other day. This is when we ate everything. It looked much better way before, hahaha. We had squid, beef, tripe, noodles & tons of veggies!


  1. mmmmm! everything looks sooo yummy!! =)

  2. Oh all these Asian foods and drinks are usually so yummy! Those fruit daifukus look delicious!


  3. i'm so hungry now! i love the calbee chips and the melon soda too! i have yet tried the fruit mochis but i'll have to look for them next time :)

    ooh hot pot, yumm!

  4. Charlene-Ann
    It is! I especially get addicted to those chips!

    I might send some snacks your way soon!

  5. AmyNaree
    i think you'll like the fruit mochis! They're very addicting! I even got my mom hooked too, haha.

  6. I love MOCHI and the KOALA chocolate filled cookies. mmm. . . They also remind of me Hello Pandas. Which instead of a Koala Picture, it's Pandas. I haven't had lunch yet. So this everything is looking mighty yummy right now.

  7. My-My
    The Panda cookies are really good too! Thanks for your comment. (:

  8. I always love Japanese snacks, they are cute and yummy hehe..

  9. I love Japanese snacks, the Koala one is one of my favourites , how I wish we also had ramuen here, it's one of my favorites drinks nowadays^^.

  10. DinaXYYan
    I love that they're super cheap too!

    They don't have the bottle version? I would think they do because its really popular. I'm addicted to those drinks!