Let's get NAKED!

With Urban Decay that is, lol. I was so excited when I saw a few of these at my local Ulta, so I just had to take that opportunity to purchase this because they usually sell out right away as they get restocked. I wanted to squeeze in a few more EOTDs before doing a review, but currently my eye is irritated or I have a pink eye - I'm not sure which one it is, ahaha. So for the time being, I can't really do any eye looks. I'm hoping by the weekend it'll clear up, so we'll see about that. I also wanted to let you all know that I'm working now as well as going to school so I'm going to be much more busy nowadays. My job requires me to work overtime so I'm not sure how often I will be posting which is why my surprise giveaway has been extended to Sept. 5th. I'm still waiting on some items I've ordered for the giveaway so I'm hoping it shows up soon so I can finally post up the prizes. Also, please join my gift card giveaway, it ends this Monday. Any who, let's get back to the review. Just to let you know, this is my first ever palette from Urban Decay. I've used some of their single shadows before, but I've never purchased any of their palettes, lol.

BRAND: Urban Decay
AVAILABLE AT: Urban Decay, Sephora & Ulta
PROS: Great For Everyday & Work, Portable, Versatile, Packaging
CONS: Only 2 matte shades, Some Fall-Out, Packaging
Would I Recommend? Yes

The packaging is divine - it's a chocolate with velvet texture and the word "NAKED" is printed on with gold foil. The only issue I find with the packaging is that if I accidentally get the cover slightly dirty, it was difficult for me to clean it up. The gold foiling on NAKED also flakes off - not a lot, but I don't know why it does because I've never touched it, haha.

The shades that you get in this palette - click the first image to view in full. I'm pretty sure you all know the names by now since its such a coveted palette and pretty much everyone has this, lol. There are twelve shades in this palette - two matte shades (Naked & Buck), the rest are satin, shimmer, metallic and glitter (Creep). The only shadow I've experienced some fall-out so far is Creep - it's a deep charcoal with silver glitters running through it. The other shadows I don't really have an issue with. My favorite colors in this palette has to be Half Baked (metallic gold), Virgin (super pigmented off-white shimmer), Toasted (metallic pinky-plum brown) and Darkhorse (deep cool-brown).

Swatches are done without a base. You can definitely do an array of looks with this palette. From school, work appropriate to even clubbing/dramatic looks. These are really smooth, pigmented and blends like a dream. I know that for most, the price may be a little much. But if you think about it, the price for one Urban Decay eye shadow is 18USD, which makes it around 216USD or so +tax if you were to purchase them individually. So you're getting a good deal with these UD palettes. NAKED is a must for neutral lovers who want to spice up their looks on occasion. If you own this palette, please let me know what you think about them!

Here's a look I did using this palette. Click here. Talk to you all soon!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this item with my own funds, and I am not affiliated with the brands mentioned in this post. For more, please see disclaimer.


  1. They look really tempting, babe! I heard it will be released here early next month. I'm totally skipping UD after my PP & the freakish eyeshadows!

    This will probably cost ALOT over here.. Hmm... that gunmetal shade is so vibrant.

  2. urgggg I WANT this!!! lol.. all the hype and raves are just fueling my insane need to get my hands on it =P

  3. ooo I hope your eye gets better! thanks for the fab swatches- you make me want to go buy this now lol!

  4. omg lucky you!!! i so want this palette :( eventhough i'm not a fan of neutrals, this palette is definitely to die for, for its quality, quantity and versatility!

    hope your eyes get better soon!

  5. Ateliergal
    I'm pretty sure it'll be overpriced in Asia, hopefully good deals come your way! Gunmetal is beautiful, but I don't find myself using it as often as I should. LOL.

    You should! I think you'll love it since you adore neutrals so much!

    LOL, if it ever stays on the shelves long enough, haha! Thanks<3

    Ee Von
    Agreed! I usually don't like neutrals myself, but this palette is really useful and I can do so many looks with it!

  6. Thanks for the swatches! The palette is so pretty! :D

  7. Oh i want that palette so badddd!! Too bad we dont have urban decay here in aussie =(
    I love the colors <3

  8. OMG, Dee...you found this palette in Ulta. I have been searching high and low in Sephora's and UD counters, and it's out of stock everywhere. Lucky you!

    This palette is awesome! It's gorgeous!

  9. I need to get that palette. I don't really like natural shades but these look beautiful and not boring at all.

  10. I love this kind of range of colors! Perfect for any time!


  11. I loooove the colours in this palette! Just beautiful~~

    Thank you for the wonderful swatches Dee! Hope your pink eye gets well soon =D

  12. Dee ! U got ur hands on this yummy palette we were talking about :) I would love to see more looks on this sweetie !! The parcel will be delayed sweetie- really sorry any that as I can't step out of my home and have to get someone to mail it for me - sorry

  13. Oh, really? I can't wait to see when Venomous Villain is released! :D

  14. I saw this the other day at sephora. But I didn't buy it. :( I've been contemplating it ever since and now you're rubbing it in my face.. lol.

    I think I will buy it now.

  15. Hi Dee,

    Just wanna share with you that I finally found NAKED in ULTA and got it! :D