Burmese Beauty EOTD, Tutus, Burgerhouse, Animal-Shaped Bread and A Mustached Domo

I went to San Francisco last weekend, and although I wasn't able to take many pictures, here are some to sum up what I did there. The boys were shopping and I was just there to be there, lol. I really liked this tutu (Donna Karan, I believe) and it looked really nice so I had to take a quick picture.

Whilst shopping at Urban Outfitters, I spotted Hello Kitty. I don't like Hello Kitty at all, but this was just too adorable to not take a picture of!

I have been in love with DOMO since 2005, lol! So seeing this, I just couldn't resist!

I was really craving Korean food (I wanted to eat Seafood Tofu Soup) but my friend was really hungry, so we went to the Burgerhouse on Powell street. There was a soup, pizza, drink deal so I got pizza while everyone else got burgers. And boy, was I wrong to do so!

My boyfriend ordered the Breakfast Burger. The egg was cooked to perfection and their sauce was delicious! Made me regret my meal, haha!

I love Bourdin! So creative and it still amazes me what they can do with bread, lol. I love the turtle and lobster-shaped bread!

To end this post, I leave you with an EOTD. I've been neglecting my Burmese Beauty quad, so I whipped it out and did a quick look.


  1. I love Bourdin too! Their bread is amazing and so creative!

    The makeup is gorgeous, as always.

  2. that's bread!??! wow... ur lashes look amazing dee!!

  3. Gio
    I would love how to make bread like that one day! Thank you, Gio (:

  4. Blovet Beauty
    Yup! Its awesome<3 Thanks Lane!

  5. OK - Now I'm banging my head against the wall why I hesitated on getting Burmese Beauty! T_T
    *head desk, head desk* LOL