Sleek Palettes: Safari & Storm

This review is for Ee Von as she wanted to know what I thought about these palettes. I purchased these back in March. For those who don't know, Sleek is a UK brand that aims towards women of color. Their range is colorful, pigmented, and good quality for an affordable price.

BRAND: Sleek
PRODUCT TYPE: Eyeshadow Palette (12 Pan Palette)
SHADE(S): Storm & Safari
PRICE: 4.99 £[GBP] (around 8USD)
PROS: Price, Size, Packaging, Color Pay Off
CONS: Availability, Fall Out, Packaging
Would I Recommend? Yes

I really like the packaging for these palettes, its smaller and slimmer than the MAC 15-pan palette, so it makes it easier to travel with. I really love how it doesn't take much room at all. You can have over 6 or more of these palettes and it'll barely take up any space. I adore the matte finish (no fingerprints!) and the shiny logo - very attractive and chic. The double-ended sponge-tip applicator is useless and fell apart the day I got the palettes, lol.

Why did I put packaging as a con as I like the packaging so much? Well, here's why. When I first received these palettes I didn't think anything was wrong with them, I even used them a few times without any issues. But one of the palettes (Safari) was flipped upside down as I was packing it to do a client's make-up, when I opened it, some of the pans fell out. I don't know if anyone had this issue as well or if I just got a defective palette, but it left a bit of a mess and I didn't like it. But its nothing that some super glue can't fix, haha.

All swatches are done without a base. Very pigmented and smooth shadows. The black in this palette isn't as black as I would like, but you can still do a nice smokey look with it. There are 3 matte shades and the rest are metallic. My favorite color out of this palette is the golden shade (next to the black).

A look using the Sleek Safari Palette.
Click on the image to see how I created this look.

The Sleek Storm palette is great for those who are into neutrals. I especially like the cranberry shade (far upper right corner). I use this palette pretty much every time I'm not sure of what look to do. The black in this palette is more pigmented than the one in the Safari palette. Storm also contains 3 matte shades. The blues in this palette are nice too. They're great for smoky looks. There are some fall outs with these shadows, but its nothing too bad. I do recommend applying your shadows first before your base make-up if you're planning to do a smoky look though.

If you can find this palette (online shop at Sleek Make-Up, I definitely recommend you try at least one palette. If you're more of a matte shadow type of person - there are I believe two palettes you can choose from.

DEAR FTC: Palettes were purchased with my own money. Not affiliated to the brand or being paid to endorse the product.

I also forgot Pieces of Me tag! I've been so busy and occupied with life that I haven't found time to blog like I usually do.

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  1. i really love sleek palettes as well, they are def worth it for the small price! i only own one so far, but i want to collect them all

  2. amynaree
    I love them too. They're much better in size and quality for being drugstore than most brands here in the US. I'd love to collect them all too!

  3. Safari has beautiful colours but I still prefer Storm over it. Gahhh, the glue isn't strong enough?! Thank goodness the shadows didn't shatter when the pans fell out =]

  4. Ah Dee, the colors look amazing on u and they look super blendable:) Nice!

  5. I have both these palettes and I adore them, esp Safari. The colors are so beautiful and pigmented. I'm sorry some of your pans fell out but at least they didn't break. I never had any problems with that but two of my palettes arrived with one shattered shade. Nothing that couldn't be fixed though. I guess these palettes are fragile but well worth the price. The shadow quality is great.

  6. Blair
    Definitely love the Safari palette and I like the Stormpalette a little more too. Its more versatile and easier to work with for those who are afraid of color.

    Blovet Beauty
    Very blendable! Thanks Lane!<3

    Yup, they're a bit fragile, but they're still great shadows to work with. Sorry yours came with a shattered shadow! That's worse than my pans falling out!

  7. Awesome review! I really need to get some palette from Sleek!

    To answer your question, Primark is actually a very cheap store, so it got really popular around Europe. ;)

    Btw, I'm still collecting some stuff for you. I'll be ready to send soon.


  8. I hope I'm not too late to comment, but thanks so much for the review! Yehhhh I got mine before reading your review cos I couldn't keep my eyes off it already lol. But it's ok, read your review and I'm sold! Omggg you're coming to Malaysia?! That's so cool! Which part are you planning to visit? :D

  9. Kasia
    Inexpensive? Even better! I saw the website and it looks similar to F21 and topshop! Thank you! I actualy need to get a few more items for you too. I shall be ready soon as well!

  10. Ee Von
    I hope to go to KL! LOL. Sleek palettes are addicting. I'm planning to order some more palettes once I'm done with other stuff and swaps, lol.

  11. Eh coincidentally I just placed an order for this palette with a friend lol! Thank you so much for the review anddd wow you're heading to Malaysia during the winter break?? I am too lol! Where are you headed to? I'll be going to KL!

  12. lyana
    Welcome! Hope it could be of some help dear. Haha, hopefully I can go to Malay this winter! I really need to save up! If I do go, I'll be going to KL too! =D