Missha M Perfect Cover BB NO31


Tanned beauties look no further, there's now a bb cream suited for NC40 - and maybe higher. (: On my older blog, I talked about this bb cream once before, and I didn't like it much. But I think now my skin has changed and I'm starting to love Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream because its working, lol.

BRAND: Missha
PRODUCT TYPE: B.B (Blemish Balm) Cream
SHADE(S): NO31 Golden Beige
PRICE: 13-20USD (depending on size & where you purchase)
PROS: SPF 42, Evens Out Skin, Helps With Blemishes
CONS: Shade, Accentuate Dry Areas, Can Get Oily Throughout The Day
Would I Recommend? Yes & No

Before this, I was using NO23 - which is one shade up from NO31. In the winter, NO23 is a good match for me - in the summer I'm in between shades. NO31 is actually a tad too dark, but that's okay since my forehead (LOL), neck and body gets darker in the summer so it evens out my color. From the swatch, you can see a significant difference between the two shades. I didn't realize it was such a dramatic color jump until I swatched the two together.

This BB cream oxidizes just a little, so to counter that I set it with a good powder (Maybelline's Dream Matte powder never fails me!) that's slightly lighter and that does the job. Most people say that this bb cream leaves their skin looking 'dewy', but I say it leaves my skin looking more 'semi-matte' than anything. What I love about this BB cream is that its pretty light in texture. It glides on my skin much smoother than NO23. I also saw a difference in my skin. I often get tiny blemishes that are hard to get rid of and this made them disappear. I also believe that this helped fade some of my new acne scars too.

I would recommend BB cream to those who don't really need much coverage or little coverage. If you suffer from acne, I'd say you try it if you want, but its definitely not a miracle worker - you're probably better off investing your money in skin care products. I'd recommend trying out samples first. Sites like Facial Shop have sample packs that you can try before committing to purchasing the full-sized products.


  1. cool! I didn't know they had a shade 31! I use shade 23 too.. which is probably one of the better matches for me when it comes to BB creams.. It's one of my favorites!

  2. I've tried this BB cream too and I'm impressed by the coverage but not the oil control..

  3. Ahh I'm totally scared in trying out BB creams again but you're right, I think purchasing the sample would be a good move!

  4. Luna:
    Definitely. Other BB creams come out too pasty for me, lol.

    I don't experience that much oil production throughout the day, but I have heard how bad it gets.

    Yup! When I purchase from eBay or websites I always ask for a sample of something I want to try out if they have any. I'm just glad I found a BB cream that finally works for me so I don't have to waste money on trying others - but I do want to try the L'egere one for some reason, lol.

  5. Ah I love Missha's bb creams! Sadly they're extremely pricey here. Thank you for the review! Does it come in other shades as well?

  6. ilyana:
    This line has 3 shades, the others should only be 2. (:

  7. may i know where did u purchased your bb no31? been searching for it, but no to avail. they only sell no21 &23 only :(

  8. www.missahus.com. They're having a buy 2 get 1 free sale.

  9. aleen
    If (HTTP://MISSHAUS.COM) is still having buy 1 get 1 free, I'd say buy it there, if not, ebay is the best place to look for it as a lot of sellers sell them for a good price. I recommend newdoctorskin on ebay - that's where I got mine. (:

  10. tq jeannie & hanidee..but unfortunately they dont ship it to malaysia..sigh.. :(

  11. I really want this!
    Does anyone know where I can buy it that ships to Australia?

  12. @ Anonymous
    The only place I can think of is ebay. There are tons of stores where you can check if they ship to AU. I think the seller Rumistyle ships internationally and she sells Missha items in her store as well. (:

  13. I tried looking on ebay! But I can't seem to find any stores that sell Missha No.31, most only sell no.21 and no.23 but i'm tanned and really want the no.31 :(

  14. @ Anonymous
    Which country are you from?

  15. I'm from Canada and I can't find that shade anywhere, even on eBay since it's a "restricted product" or something. :(

  16. @Anon
    A restricted product? That shouldn't be right at all. Have you tried looking on the MisshaUS site? They might have it as well.

  17. I did, but it only ships within US areas which makes me really sad.

  18. Hi, Where can I find Missha Perfect Cover No.31 in Malaysia?

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