N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Sticks

Got these when they came out a while ago, but I just got around playing with them. I purchased two shades, Plaza Pink & Big Apple Blush - which I believe are the two more popular colors.

PRODUCT TYPE: Creme Blush Stick
SHADE(S): Plaza Pink & Big Apple Blush
PRICE: 3.49USD (varies at location)
PROS: Price, Amount of Product, Pigmentation, Smooth, Blendable
CONS: Packaging, Lasting Wear
Would I Recommend? Yes

I like that these came with a good amount of product - you get 8 grams. These are to be comparable to Clinique's blush sticks, but since I don't own one I can't compare the two. I don't think the packaging is that great because if I were to shake it a bit, I could hear the product moving around. Everything is still in tact, it just sounds like its "loose". Also, the product doesn't swivel all the way down. A bit of the product is still left exposed, so you have to be careful not to nick the top when putting the cap back on. The blush doesn't stay on all day - alone I find that it stays on for about...a little over 3 hours? With a powder blush applied on top, I would say a good six or so. If you layer on the product - creme, powder, creme, powder (doesn't cake up at all) - it will last all day.

These two colors are pretty similar - just that one is more of a mauve pink (Big Apple Blush) and the other is more of a peach pink (Plaza Pink). Both contain shimmer, but when applied to your cheeks, you don't notice them at all. Compared to E.L.F's All-Over Color Sticks, these go on way better and much smoother. Pigmentation is really good and they're very blendable. They look really natural and I think that they're a nice item for summer as its a no fuss product and you can apply it on the go without messing it up. I like pairing Pink Plaza with Benefit's Dandelion - its a perfect match! It makes the pink in Dandelion so much more vibrant than it is on its own and it still looks like a natural pink flush - but better.

If you love blush and you find it hard to keep it lasting long, these make really good bases. I personally like creme blushes more than powder as my cheeks are on the drier side and these give them a little moisture. If you have oily skin and don't like creme blushes in general, I'd say its just steer clear. Other than that, do give these blushes a try if you find them in your area.

DEAR FTC: I purchased this product with my own funds and I am NOT affiliated with the brand mentioned. This review is 100% honest and un-biased.


  1. ohhh lala!!! I want to try them now!!! =D

  2. Colors are very pretty! and you're right, that kind of blush can be a good base for blushes. You did a nice review. thank you for sharing! :) www.bheii.onsugar.com

  3. Dee, thanks for reviewing these! I saw them at Duane Reade the other day, but was skeptical and didn't want to waste $4! lol... I think I might give one a try ;)

    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. Charlene-Ann:
    You should if you see them around!

    Definitely. Which is why I really like creme blushes. No need to touch-up blush throughout the day, lol.

    You're welcome glad to be of help! Def. give them a try(:

  5. They look fab! I love these kinds of products!
    Very pretty shades!


  6. thanks for reviewing, eventhough i can never get my hands on any since we don't have NYC cosmetics here :/ i've heard nothing but great things about these blush sticks! and they're so affordable! oh is the finish cream to powder?

  7. Great review, I've never tried cream blush stick before but they look interesting :)

  8. Thanks for the review. The packaging looks really cheap but the colors are gorgeous. I wish they lasted more on their own but it's good to hear they work well as bases. :)

  9. Kasia:

    Ee Von:
    If I can still find them around, I'll put them in my giveaway. They are def. nice and a great deal for 4 dollars.

    They're great bases and they give glow and they don't leave you cakey like most powder blushes can do.

    The packaging is cheap, lol. The other colors are nice too, I think I'm definitely going to get some more. I wish they lasted more too! Shame I never had a chance to get the limited edition ones too.

  10. These look great!! Pity I can't get NYC stuff.. I love their color wheels too!!

  11. Thanks for this! These blushes look gorgeous!

    How much are they?

  12. Luna: Their colors are nice, I love using the peach one! I should send you one of these blushes when I find more, haha.

  13. the packaging is so cute and it looks bigger than ur hand Dee!

  14. the colors seem nice, I've never tried cream blush before! hmmm should give it a try cuz the powdery stuff comes off fairly easy sometimes

  15. Fabuless Beauty:
    4USD at Rite Aid. You can find more shades in the perm. line at Wal-Mart. (:

    Blovet Beauty:
    Haha. It's almost bigger, kind of long, lol.

    Pop Champagne:
    You should! These set to powder! Great for travel and not messy like powder (: