Shadow Bases: Urban Decay VS Glam Couture


Its always good to find alternatives because it can help save you some money. There are tons of shadow primers out there and these two are among the many. Today, I am comparing Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) with Glam Couture's (GC) Shadow Magnet.

Dries Transparent
Lid Stays Dry All Day
Color Vibrancy
Lasts A Long Time
Can Be Drying

Urban Decay is one of the more popular eye shadow primers in the market. You can purchase this item either on UrbanDecay.Com or at Sephora.

Color Vibrancy
CONS: Online Purchase Only

Glam Couture Shadow Magnet can only be found online at Jennisse Makeup.

- Urban Decay Primer Potion XL: $22USD ($17USD for Reg.)
- Glam Couture Shadow Magnet: $12USD
Amount of Product:
- Urban Decay Primer Potion XL: 0.55 FL OZ. (16.3 ML)
- Glam Couture Shadow Magnet in Natural : .10 OZ. (2.80 g)
Swatches: GC Shadow Magnet looks darker because the shade is in Natural, if it was in Light, I'm sure it would look pretty similar to UDPP.

Texture & Color: GC Shadow Magnet is slightly tackier than UDPP and UDPP dries to almost a completely dry finish. The GC Shadow Magnet almost feels like cream eyeshadow and UDPP has a thin, almost slippery consistency. GC Shadow Magnet in "Natural" neutralizes my dark lids, while UDPP is more transparent.

Feel & Look: None of these feel uncomfortable on my lids, but I do see that UDPP is slightly more drying to my lids. I have found that UDPP accentuates the fine lines on my lids more than GC's Shadow Magnet. Also, when it comes to frosty shadows, UDPP seems to bring out the 'frost' in the shadows more than the actual shadow color itself. I'll show an example below. See how Floral INC. over GC has more pink while over UDPP its more of a silver?

Using MAC's Fresh Cut Palette to swatch

See how the GC swatches looks smoother and less patchy unlike UDPP's?

My Pick: Glam Couture Shadow Magnet: As it is affordable, user friendly (I don't have to depot when I'm low on product!) and you only need a tiny bit so it'll last me quite a while.

Recommendations: UDPP for people with extremely oily lids & GC Shadow Magnet for normal/dry and slightly oily lids.
**Jenn (JennisseMakeup on Youtube) has said that she has extremely oily lids and the GCSM doesn't crease on her.**

Overall: The GC Shadow Magnet is a real good contender to UDPP. Though word of caution, don't pack on too much of the GC base, it can crease slightly. One light swipe of the product will do and hold up all day. Do understand that just because I choose GC over UDPP doesn't mean I completely hate it. UDPP just doesn't perform how I would like it to so its not my go-to base. Every one is different and do try different bases to see what works best for you.

DEAR FTC: All products mentioned are purchased with my own money and this review is 100% honest and un-biased. I am not affiliated with the brands mentioned nor am I being paid to write this review.


  1. Swatches with Glam Couture looks amazing! I seldom use my UD, except for that stupid dinner though so I can't tell if its that good lol

  2. I'm running out of TFSI and was looking into trying UDPP but like others, I am sure I'll hate the packaging. I don't want to have to go through the trouble of depotting but I'm sure I'll have to if I buy it regardless of it being a staple. -___- I do actually like the look of the shadows with GC underneath... Thanks for the review, Dee! Now I have another alternative to UDPP. *puts on the to-buy list*

    Btw, as for the feed update, try: - that should fix the problem, hopefully. And you reminded me. I still have to send you your package but it's not even full yet. I want to put the extra space to good use. D: Soonnn. ><"

  3. Oh wow! This review was awesome and really gave me an idea of both of them. It's great to find products that work the same, or even better, for lower price.

  4. Oh wow! This review was awesome and really gave me an idea of both of them. It's great to find products that work the same, or even better, for lower price.

  5. Thanks for the comparison! Glam Couture sounds amazing :)

  6. wow the glam couture one looks amazing! i have to agree with you that the udpp does not exactly enhance the colours! how would you compare glam couture with the too faced shadow insurance?

  7. U have UDPP? And I wonder why u ever need Etude House Proof10 at all, lol~ yeah I'm all for cheaper alternatives.

    Thanks for the review. Very helpful indeed. =)

  8. AtelierGal: LOL. UDPP is a cult favorite, but I think when I run out, i won't be going back to it since I've already found something that works for me.

    Iris: I'm delaying most of my swaps towards the end of my school semester because I haven't found anytime to ship out the packages. If you want, we can always send our love packs during the summer! Yeah, you'll hate the packaging. I hated it the first time I saw it, I just bought because of all the raves, lol.

    Kasia: Yup! I'm so happy I gave GC's base a shot.

    Dina: Welcome dear<3

    Ee Von: I've never tried TFSI, because I will be once my UDPP runs out. So I'll let you know! And yes! Some one agrees with me! UDPP doesn't do much with bringing out a shadow's true color. Its a shame.

    Hanna: LOL. I want the Proof 10 Primer to do a comparison since I hear its very similar. =D