I haven't blogged in so long and I really miss it! As most of your know, I do inventory for various stores and the hours that I work are pretty random. I can work late nights for a few weeks then the schedule changes and I start working early mornings. I do get tired when I go to school in the mornings because I don't get enough sleep and I even miss lab. It gets pretty exhausting after some time, but work is work right? I'm trying to find another job with more stable hours so my internal clock isn't all whacked out. I feel like a crack head, lol.

On a better note, I finally got around to do a review. I've been using this for a few weeks now and it's definitely one of my favorite blushes at the moment. I purchased this back in August but never got around to play with until recently. If you're a fan of peachy pink blushes, keep on reading!

PRODUCT: HOT MAMA! Eye Shadow & Blush
PRICE: 19USD (Sephora.Com) 18USD (Apothica.Com)
PROS: Pigmented, Smooth & Silky Texture, Packaging
CONS: Not for those who don't appreciate shimmer blush
Would I Recommend? YES

This blush is around 7.08 grams, which is just slightly more than a MAC blush at 6 grams. So I would say the price is fairly good. Above picture shows the ingredients for those who are curious. I'm not that knowledgeable about product ingredients, so I'd advise you to check Beautiful With Brains Ingredients Dictionary to know more.

The packaging I believe is cardboard (?) and has a magnetic closure. I also like that it contains a mirror - a nice size and good for traveling. Its pretty durable and sturdy, so you don't have to worry about breakage.

The color is a beautiful peachy pink color with a golden sheen - pretty similar to NARS Orgasm but I think this color is more peachy. The texture is soft, smooth and silky to the touch. This blush is nicely pigmented and compliments my medium-tan skin tone. I do feel that the shimmers in this blush might not cater to those who have oily skin or large pores because it does accentuate them. So be careful and do use a light hand to build up the color.

The top swatch is layered while the bottom is just one swipe. I don't know why it shows up really pink in the picture but its more peachy in person and you definitely see the gold sheen more.

A quick comparison with another blush I own, the Flirt! Peek-A-Blush in Heartthrob. They look almost identical, but Flirt! is more on the pink side and more sheer than theBalm. Flirt! goes for 14USD, so it's slightly cheaper for those who don't want to spend over 20USD for blush.

FTC: This product was purchased with my own funds. I am not getting monetary rewards to do a review nor am I affiliated with the brand mentioned. Opinions are based on my experiences with the product. READ DISCLAIMER FOR MORE.


  1. wow it looks so pigmented! thebalm is one brand which is not marketed as much as others, but quality wise, I think its at the par.

  2. BABE!!! I actually have been thinking about getting this back and forth for MONTHS! In the end I settled on the Kamayaki blush.

    It's too overpriced here, hence I didn't get it. But the color is PRETTY!!!!!

  3. I hope that you'll find a job with stable hours soon! :) The blushes are so pretty! :)

  4. This is one beautiful blush!!!! Thank goodness theBALM is sold over here, or else I'd have to beg someone for a CP!

    By any chance, do you own any matte blushes? Care to recommend any?

  5. ooo. never heard of these brands.

  6. Thanks for the review. I love peachy pink shade and this one looks absolutely gorgeous! I'll definitely have to check it out.

    Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it. :)

    I hope you find another job soon, take care.

  7. I love peachy blushes! and this one looks really pretty~ thanks for the swatches!

  8. The color is just gorgeous!!!


  9. I gotta bring out mine to give it some attention Haven't used this for a while. This is really a beautiful blush.

  10. Adorable On Your Vanity
    I agree, and its definitely a brand that is overlooked because it isn't marketed as much.

    Kamayaki? Never heard of that brand before. Maybe I can send it to you one of these days! Its a really nice blush.

    Thank you! I hope I do too!

  11. Blair
    I will do a post for you because there's a few I like(: You should definitely check it out. Its one of my favorite colors!

    You should definitely check it out. They have some nice products.

    I do too<3 Glad you like the post!

  12. Kasia
    Beautiful def!

    Yes, you definitely should! I like it better than NARS Orgasm<3