P.O.M in Oct. & Lash Curler From Koji


Hosted by Shirley of We Love Toothfairy

This month...

I like: That I've been getting love packages. It makes my day happier. ♥

I don't like: How my job is making me extremely tired, that I'm missing school & lab hours.

I want you to know: I have too much make-up that I rarely use and I'm going to have a blog sale soon. They need a good home.

I've planned: To post the giveaway winner this week as I know all of you who've entered have been waiting for a while, lol.

I wanted to talk my favorite lash curler at the moment. This was sent to me from the lovely Lane of Blovet Beauty - if you don't know her, you're living in a nutshell! She's one of my all time favorite beauty bloggers and I've been following her since her days at Wordpress, lol. She sent me a love package last month and among the few is this little gem - the Koji NO.73 lash curler. Before I was using the E.L.F Lash Curler due to it wide curve, but sometimes I find that it pinches my skin at times I'm not careful and gives too much of an exaggerated curl.

My eye shape is quite round and the outer corners sort of droop, so it's hard to find a curler that fits my eye shape. I have no problem with this curler pinching my lids, and I find it gives a nice natural curl to my lashes. Unlike the E.L.F, if I press too firmly, I get more of a 90 degree curl, but with the Koji, it doesn't matter how firm I press - it gives the same soft curl all the time. Also, it doesn't make my lashes fall out which is a plus for me! I also use this curler to curl my bottom lashes and it works wonderfully and curls every single one! I really recommend this lash curler if you're eyes are round or wide like mines. It really makes a difference.

Until my next post, I'll talk to you all soon and have an awesome week everyone. ♥


  1. I love getting love packs too! They really do brighten up any bad day :)

    Koji curlers are the best. I use to use Shu but it pinches the skin around my eyes sometimes and Koji seems to fit well.

  2. AmyNaree
    Yes! I've been feeling horrible for quite some time now and just getting packages really make me smile and feel better through out the day.

    I agree with you, Koji fits really well around my eyes and it never pinches my skin at all. I love how its such a good curler yet its so inexpensive, about 7 bucks!

  3. Glad u like the curler Dee! Can't wait to see ur review on the mascara too!

  4. yay to love packages! :)

    curling lower lashes?? hrm... mine's pretty non existent but i'm curious, how to do it? hold the curler upside down?

  5. Blovet Beauty
    Thanks so much for sending it to me again dear. I haven't tried the mascara yet, so I'm hoping for great results!

  6. Ee Von
    Yup. There are curlers made for lower lashes, but just flipping the curler upside down works the same way.

  7. I love lovepackages too , I guess everyone does^^
    I really want a Koji curl lasht, Shu desn't work that much for me.
    Thanks hun for such a sweet comment on my blog, hugs*

  8. Zoe
    Love packages make everyone's day. It just puts a smiles n your face - no matter how big or small the package is. (: The Shu one my friend has and she let me try it. It's good, but I do find it pinching my skin a bit too.

  9. that's nice that you've been getting love packages, it's always a plesant surprice when you get something unexpected in the mail ;)

  10. packages are love! I love Koji lash curler too, they're cheap but very good! :)

  11. Pop Champagne
    Yes, always makes me smile when I come home tired and there's a package waiting for me!

    I know! I'm mad I didn't try them out sooner. They're such great quality!

  12. I do adore love packages, they make my day so much brighter as well!

    And yay for finding a lash curler that fits the shape of your eyes =DD