Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base

This was shown in the last post. I received this item from my friend Hanna in our swap (our third swap! =D), and I've been lemming this item since I saw it on Zoe's blog. Skin Food Lime Secret Shine Base is similar to how Benefit's High Beam and Moon Beam work. They all give that dewy glow. I believe this is a dupe for Benefit's High Beam, but as I don't own High Beam, I can't compare the two.

BRAND: Skin Food
PRODUCT: Lime Secret Shine Base
SHADE: Lime Pearl Gold
PRICE: 9.99USD(+4USD shipping @skinfoodbestprice [eBay]) 19.99USD(free shipping+samples @rumistyle-shop [eBay])
PROS: Price, Pigmentation
CONS: Glitter Can Be A Bit Much, Packaging
Would I Recommend? Yes & No

There are 3 shades; Lime Pearl Peach, Lime Pearl Green and Lime Pearl Gold. Hanna got me Lime Pearl Gold. Lime Pearl Gold is basically that (LOL), a shiny, pearly gold liquid highlighter. You can mix it with your foundation, mix it with your moisturizer or use it alone. I know some people use this as a base for that extra luminous glow, but I personally think this product shouldn't be used all over the face. It's a bit too shimmery & glittery for my taste. The packaging is nice, its a glass bottle with kind of a cardboard type of cap. When you unscrew the cap, it's attached with a spatula. I find that the spatula applicator can be a bit messy. It grabs too much of the product at a time. It would be nice if it came with a pump or even a brush applicator like Benefit's High Beam. The pigmentation is awesome - a little bit goes a long way. One tiny dab and I can do each side of my face.

Not sure if you can see how much glitter it contains. You don't see the glitter until you start to spread out and blend the product into your skin. I have used this in the daytime before and I do like how luminous my skin looks, but I feel this product would be more suitable for a night look. Especially if you're going out and taking pictures. It really grabs the light and makes your skin look amazing. If you're a natural make-up type of gal and don't like your make-up looking too obvious, then this product might not be the one for you. If you're someone who doesn't mind the extra glitter or your day make-up is more heavy than others, than this is something you want to look into.

Also, thanks to those who joined my giveaway. I'm in the process of validating all the entries and will post the prize package soon when I have time. Please be patient!

DISCLAIMER: I received this item through a swap & I am not affiliated with the brands mentioned in this post. All opinions are based on my personal experiences with the product.


  1. I got one from a swap awhile back too but I think mine was in lime pearl green. I really do like how it gives a nice glow and agree it's perfect for a night out. I ended up having to toss mine because it expired and I didn't use it up in!

  2. I have a lime pearl peach version of this one and it's good for highlighting :)

  3. sounds really nice! we have skin food here but i've never given it enough attention. i've been wanting to get benefit's highbeam but i guess i'll start with a cheaper alternative like this first. thanks for the review!

  4. amynaree
    Really? I don't see an expired date on mines, lol.

    Yup, def. good for highlighting!

    Ee Von
    I don't think High Beam contains as much glitter - or any glitter at all. I might just get Moon Beam to compare the two.

    Uber shimmery! =D

  5. I preferred Red Earth Secret Potion. It's more on the iridescent side and spreadable even if I don't mix in with my foundation.

    I have a sample of High Beam which is still unopened lol

  6. Love this review! We just shared it with our fans on our facebook and twitter page :) sells this product in Canada and USA!

  7. I wanna try this... I love Korean Cosmetics =) I have tried the Tony Moly Pink Beam... nice blog btw...