Natural Solution To Eyelash Growth

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You've probably heard of Lash Mantra on a few blogs like Viva Woman, Shanghainese Dumpling & Beauty And Fashion Tech. Lash Mantra is an all-natural eyelash growth serum. There are no side effects and doesn't irritate your eyes in any way unlike other growth serums out in the market today.

BRAND: Lash Mantra
PROS: ALL NATURAL, Darkens brows & lashes, Reduce Eyelash Fall Out
CONS: Only Available Online
Would I Recommend? YES

First off, I want to point out that I don't use this consistently everyday, as sometimes I forget or I get lazy (LOL). The packaging is simple and very easy to use. You get a handcrafted jute bag along with the serum (which comes in a bottle & a stopper/dropper) as well as I guess an empty travel tube. The travel tube comes with an eyeliner brush tip but I don't have it as I gave some to my BF's mom. I apply this serum in two ways;
1) Apply a drop on my finger & gently massage onto my lashes and lash line.
2) Put one drop onto a mascara spoolie and apply it how I would mascara.

Both of these ways work for me and I don't a see a difference between the two.

The serum is clear and very runny as you can see in the picture above. It has a slick feel to it - almost like an olive oil type of feel. If you apply too much, the product gets slightly warm, but either than that it doesn't irritate me. One and half drops is enough for both of my eyes. This bottle can last you a very long time. I received this in January and now it's September and I still have a few drops left. It's been about nine months, so that's great! I remember Lash Mantra use to be around 45USD, but now there's an enhanced version of the original, so the price is bumped to 60USD. Compared to most lash growth serums out there, this is still one of the most inexpensive lash serums on the market - and it works. Within two weeks I saw an improvement in length and my lashes definitely got darker. My bottom lashes are sparse than my upper lashes so I was ecstatic to see them get fuller and longer after the fourth week. The one thing I noticed right away was this serum works amazing on brows. Every time I would accidentally over pluck my eyebrows, I would apply a good amount on my brows and within a week, my brows are back to normal and even darker and fuller than before. On my lashes, it gave some nice length, but took a while for it to give me volume. I would say that after a month or into the second month, that's when I started noticing my lashes getting fuller - especially when I applied my mascara. Using lash Mantra has definitely helped my lashes from falling out. They much healthier and stronger now than they were back in December of '09. Results are a bit slow, but definitely worth the wait. I'm still using this until I completely run out and when I'm finished, I will post the results. Everybody is different, so if you purchase and use this, you might get faster or slower results depending and how much you use this and for how long. Even so, its a lovely product to help strengthen your lashes, especially if you abuse your lashes a whole lot.

You can see some of my results by clicking the Lash Mantra tag.


If you would like to try Lash Mantra, Leon has kindly offered my readers a 10% discount on their Lash Mantra purchase. Type in "discount10". CODE ENDS SEPTEMBER 30.

DISCLAIMER: Lash Mantra was provided for review consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand/company nor being compensated to do a review. Opinions are based on my personal experiences with the product and 100% honest and unbiased.

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