Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base

*This is a scheduled post.*
Ignore my slightly uneven shaded brows. I'm testing some new eyebrow products and seeing which one I like more. So yeah. Now let's get on to the review, LOL.

This review was supposed to be done a while back, but I had a sty so it became difficult to do so. My right side of my face was puffed up like a blow fish! HAHA. But my eye's better and there's just some slight redness left, but its all good now and I can finally do a review. I apologize for lagging. I've been using this mascara base from Shiseido for a few months and I hear there's a new formulation now. I haven't tried the new formulation yet but I've read some bad reviews on it so I'm a bit hesitant to purchase.

BRAND: Shiseido
PRODUCT: Mascara Base
WHERE TO PURCHASE: Sephora & Shiseido Counters
PROS: Holds Curl, Thickens, Lengthens
CONS: Price, Brush, Product Can Goop Up
Would I Recommend? YES

Packaging is typical Shiseido packaging - basic, simple and sleek. The brush on this is what puts most people on the fence. Some people don't like it as they don't like the bristles. I'm fine with the medium-short bristles as they apply the product on my lashes fairly well. The one problem I do get occasionally (and I know some people find this an issue as well) is trying to make sure it is applied evenly. If you can see it on the brush, the base is a thick, grey color. Because it is sort of thick, it can goop up within time. What I usually do is take a napkin and just lightly wipe of the excess and apply (in coats) depending on how dramatic I want my lashes to look.

I usually just do one light coat as I only need this to hold my curl. Before I was introduced to Japanese mascaras (Thanks Hanna & Lane!), I only used western mascaras. They were quite good in the volume and length department, but they all lack in holding a curl. Almost all weighed my fairly curly lashes down and even with the help of a lash curler, it didn't work. The only mascara I used that worked well for me was Benefit's Bad Gal mascara but unfortunately, that mascara makes my lashes fall out. Picture above shows you how I use it. I apply this how I would mascara - from base to tip. You see a bit of the grey fibers on my lashes and I let it set for about 10-15 seconds max. I know some people recommend waiting for about 30-45 seconds so the fibers can fully set, but I don't like how dry the lashes get when I wait for that long - the mascara doesn't apply well when I wait that long either.

^See the bald spot in the bottom inner corner?
Stupid sty made my lashes fall out. LOL

With just a light coat you can see that my lashes on my left eye look slightly fuller and has a bit more length. The base of my lashes are much darker as well. This mascara base does a nice job in separating the lashes and helping the mascara to not clump up between coats. My curl holds up all day - no flakes, no smudging. If you have stubborn lashes that won't curl, I most definitely recommend this base. If you need help with fullness and length, I would recommend this as well. I just advise that you remove some of the excess product so it'll be easier to apply.


  1. thats nice that your lashes holds the curl all day, I've been trying to get my hair to do the same lol. This product seems pretty good. I just bought my first Shiseido, it's one of the moisturizers, i can't wait to use it :D

  2. I love this mascara base too! It really makes my lashes look fuller and holds up my lashes well :D

  3. I like how nicely curled your lashes are!
    I sent the package to you long time ago, maybe a few days after I got your address from you. Hope you'll receive it soon. I havent gotten anything yet from you either.


  4. thanks for the review!! been thinking of getting a base since i don't wear false lashes... but oh no... they've changed the formulation? :/ hrm...

  5. Pop Champagne
    Lucido is a good brand to help with keeping your hair curled!

    Definitely! One of the best mascara bases! It's kind of sad that they changed the formula. I wonder why companies do that.

  6. Kasia
    Maybe it's the post office. This is the longest I've waited for a package too, so I'm not sure what's going on.

    Ee Von
    Yup, they changed the formulation. I think its called Nourishing Base or something like that. There's been mixed reviews on it, so I'm not sure whether or not to re-purchase this base.