Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pen

Helloooo! I feel sad not updating when my eye is still healing (LOL) and I'm going to be real busy this week cause we have labs now. Alongside traveling for work, I'm going to be beat so you can best bet on my free time, I'll be napping, haha! I purchased this liner pen about a month ago when it was on sale for a buy one get one half off deal at CVS. I snagged this along with the Colorstay Automatic liner pencil. Its been about 6-7 years since I've used any Revlon liners, and I wasn't disappointed.

BRAND: Revlon
PRODUCT: Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen
PRICE: 8.99USD (depending where you purchase)
PROS: Pigmented, Lasts Long, Smudge-Proof
CONS: Not Waterproof
Would I Recommend? Yes

I've tried quite a few liner pens in my time. From Cover Girl, Jordana, L'oreal and the list goes on. I've never been quite satisfied with liner pens as I'm very peculiar about the applicators. When it comes to eyeliner pens, I make sure I'm able to produce thin and thick lines with ease. They have to be pigmented as I hate having to go over the liner just to get my desired effect. Also, it bugs me that the tip of most eyeliner pens are soft and they tend to bend or start breaking off within time. This results in having a bit of residue on the tip and it starts to flake off or mess up my makeup when I line my eyes. However, with this Revlon Colorstay pen, the felt tip is pretty firm and I don't find it bending when I use the tip to create a wing. The pigmentation is pretty good - its not opaque, but the ink isn't that transparent either. I find with this pen, its really easy to control and use. I can create a wing super fast without even trying and its able to produce a nice sharp line.

The swatches are an example of how thick and thin your lines can be. Below is just to show how it performs when it comes to smudging. Unless you have extremely oily lids, I don't think you'll have a problem with this liner smudging on you. So if you do have oily lids and want to try this out, I recommend using it with a primer to ensure it won't budge. Its definitely not waterproof, it dissolves right away once water touches it, so be careful! A pretty good liner pen if you ask me and you can't beat the price. I was about to get the Shiseido one, but was curious about this and I'm so happy I did! If I ever try the Shiseido liner pen, I'll be sure to do a comparison!

P.S. A big thanks to those who have joined my Apothica Gift Card Giveaway! This giveaway is now closed and the winner will be posted this week (hopefully tomorrow)!


  1. i've tried it once in the store and thought it was crappy!!! but most probably it's cos it's a tester... me too! I really wanna find a good pen liquid liner which doesn't take me 10 years to make it show up, or master the art of lining lol

    thanks for the review! i'll either get this or dolly wink's, price about the same...

  2. I've seen many good reviews about this liner!


  3. i tried this some time back and thought it made a good liquid liner too dee! it applies on very nicely!

  4. We don't have this over here. Speaking of which, I've forgotten the last time I've used liquid eyeliner, I've been so busy to "define" my eyes so I just use black eyeshadow to draw a thin line =/

    I still have not tried the Marjolica Majorca one that was given to me some weeks ago. Hmm...

  5. Ee Von
    Dolly Wink has a finer brush tip, so it makes it easier to tightline, you should buy that!

    Kasia B & Dina
    Definitely a good liner, I was surprised myself!

    Blovet Beauty
    I agree. It goes on very smooth, no tugging what so ever. This one throws the NYX liner pen out of the park, lol.

  6. AtelierGal
    I love using eyeshadow for a softer, smudged out line, but if I needed a quick definition, I'd go with this pen liner. I heard MJ's liner isn't very opaque and you have to go over it twice or so to get a nice color, but I'm not so sure. I might give that a try one day too.

  7. yea i didnt like this eyeliner too!
    the color is not strong!