100 followers & 1YR Anniversary "Surprise" Giveaway [CLOSED!]


So I've finally reached 100 followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) and it's close to my 1-year anniversary for this blog. So, I wanted to finally host a giveaway as a thank you to all of you. I named this "Surprise Giveaway" because well, you won't know what you will be getting until a little later in the giveaway. I promise you, it won't suck, lol. =D

To enter this giveaway is simple. I would like to know what your ULTIMATE must have make-up item is and why you like it so much. You don't have to write a lot, a sentence or 2 is fine. (:


1) Of course, be a follower of my blog. Only makes sense right? LOL.
2) Only ONE ENTRY per person.
3) If you post "ENTER ME" I will delete your post & you are disqualified.
4) Winner will be chosen randomly via RANDOM.ORG
5) Fill out the form (or just answer the questions) below for your entry.
6) Giveaway open until August 31, 2010


You don't have to do this, but if you want an extra entry, you can follow me on twitter and tweet about this giveaway. Or if you don't have a twitter but you have a blog, you can post or advertise about this giveaway. Be sure let me know and post your link in the comments section in this post.


Name or Nickname:
Blog URL(if you have one):
What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll clarify (:
Have fun, and I can't wait to read about your favorite products!


  1. Kat C.
    katch05 at gmail dot com
    My fave makeup item is Alba Terratint/ Nice color and the minty taste is superb! :)

  2. Name: ks sn
    Blog URL(if you have one):skakidotcom.blogspot.com
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?-It would be clinique pore minimising lotion,gives a nice matte finish to my face,and also vaseline lip moisturiser.

  3. Name or Nickname: AtelierGal
    Email: atelierbeauty@hotmail.com
    Blog URL: http://ateliergal.pixnet.net/blog
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why? Concealer. To hide my imperfections and even out my skintone.

  4. Congrats on being One year old Dee's Blog! hehe it seems like just yesterday I found ur blog and started reading it... I'll enter because I know I won't win ( I have no luck whatsoever with some things)>> So my ULTIMATE MUST HAVE MAKEUP TOOL is- BODY SHOP's TWEEZER

    I have lived without mascara, lipsticks, lipgloss, eyeshadows but a tweezer I cannot live without:)I only swear by body shop's tweezer cause it's cheap and works so dang well!

    Good luck on ur giveaway!

  5. Helloooo Dyna^^
    Thanks for dropping by my blog eventhough I don't post as much as before...

    Joining ur surprise giveaway..
    Name or Nickname: Zoe♥
    Email: decemberzoe@gmail.com
    Blog: 13december.blogspot
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?
    hmm..quite difficult to answer..it should be my Fiberwig mascara coz it adds that dramatic look to my eyes..

  6. Hey Dynah...

    Congrats on the anniversary.
    My ULTIMATE must have make-up item is foundation cos flawless skin is the perfect blank canvas for makeup. Foundation enables the makeup (like eyeshadow) to stick better and last longer.

    Email: joanyee (at) yahoo (dot) com


  7. Name or Nickname: Kasia

    Email: kyae_sunshine@o2.pl

    Blog URL(if you have one): www.kasiabelhadri.blogspot.com

    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?
    Definitely a concealer. Because flawless skin is the most important thing, And it makes a huge different in the whole look, even without the rest of makeup :)

    Btw, congrats on the folowers and giveaway. And I'm sorry I'm taking much time with our swap, but it's cuz of the lack of time. I promise soon I'll be done. Just wanna get you a few more things. <3

  8. First of all, congrats on the anni/reaching 100 followers! more to come :D

    Ee Von
    For me, a good skin wins over everything else but since that can't be considered as a makeup item, i'll have to say eyebrow pencil cos nothing frames and completes a look like a good eyebrow shape does.

    *tweeted about your giveaway, and also slipped it into my sidebar in my blog ;)

  9. Hello ;D Congratulations on 100 followers XD

    Name or Nickname: sherry
    Email: short_little_one@hotmail.com
    Blog URL(if you have one): N/A
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?
    My KATE liquid eyeliner. I can use it on both my waterline and to tightline and it accentuates my eyes!

  10. congrats on 100! my e mail is julie_lan (at) hotmail (dot) com. ultimate make up item... black eyeliner, I use the eyeliner from ELF and it's pretty good. I feel naked if I leave home without having it on!

  11. Name or Nickname: Whitney/Whiterz
    Email: whitneykrainock@gmail.com
    Blog URL(if you have one): http://whitzmakeuptipz.blogspot.com/
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? This is tough! I had to really think about this!! Probably blush.
    Why? Because it's something I can never get eough of- I collect it and it always brightens up my face!!

    I tweeted about your giveaway!!

  12. Happy one-year bloggiversary and congrats on hitting 100+ followers! :)

    Name or Nickname: Dina
    Email: d_esty88(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Blog URL(if you have one): http://xyyan.blogspot.com
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why? I can live without mascara, eyeliner, blush or even lipstick but not without CONCEALER! I have too much flaw to cover to live without it :D

  13. Name or Nickname: ilyana
    Email: silent.end@gmail.com
    Blog URL(if you have one): http://www.tea-noir.net
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why: I can't live without liquid eyeliner. Just this baby alone can really define your eyes and make any EOTD look more polished ;D


  14. Congratulations on your blogversary! :D

    Hmm... my ultimate must have makeup item... I really can't choose one, it's a tie between eyeliner and mascara. The thing is, my eyes are so small, I really need both eyeliner and mascara to make them look more defined. I also can't live without lipstick!! I look so pale without wearing it.

    Name or Nickname: Fifi
    Email: ulfianarsm06 (at) gmail (dot) com

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  16. Happy 1 year Dee! I just hit mine too but didn't even realize it til over a week later. HAHA!

    Well here's my entry!
    Name or Nickname: Chee-Chee
    Email: cheecheeebaby@gmail.com
    Blog URL: http://www.cheechun.com
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why? I would have to say my Dior Nude Foundation. It's one of the best foundations ever and i absoutely love it! It gives off a natural flawless complexion while healing your skin and doesn't look cakey.

  17. here's the link to my tweet :)


  18. Name or Nickname: JordenDanielle
    Blog URL(if you have one): www.TheWonderfulAdventuresOf.blogspot.com
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?
    BarryM lipstick (colour #145) - because it injects a little querky colour into any outfit and it stays on for hours without smudging <3 Total Godsend. LOL.

    BTW Happy one year anniversary :'D x

  19. Hi Dee^^

    Congrats on ur 100 followers☆

    1. Nickname: Zoe

    2. Email:decemberzoeatgmaildotcom

    3. Blog:http://13december.blogspot.com

    4. What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?
    Nowadays it's Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Foundation - coz it has a concealer in it, it matches my skin very well and it's not too heavy and cakey and above all makes my skin looks healthy and fresh^^

  20. I've been a follower of yours for awhile now :)

    Name or Nickname: Sophie

    Email: glitteryeyexx@yahoo.com

    Blog URL(if you have one): glitteryeyexx.blogspot.com

    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?:

    My ultimate make-up must have is SUNSCREEN!!! I am sooo adamant about using sunscreen. Unfortunately, I have freckles sprinkled all over my face and I tend to get more in the summer if I don't wear any sun protection on my face. So that is my #1 must-have! :)

  21. Name or Nickname: Ava
    Email: makeaneffort at yahoo.com
    Blog URL: N/A
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why? My ultimate must have make-up item is Lucy Minerals foundation. It makes my skin look amazing and it doesn't break me out.

    I'm following you on Twitter and I tweeted: http://twitter.com/_galaxies/status/21608554132

  22. Hi,
    Congrats on 100 followers!
    I'm a follower via GFC.

    1. kumbeji
    2. kumbeji@gmail.com
    4. My ultimate must have make-up item is MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I use it as an eye base. And it works wonderful. I don't make my eye make-up without it. :)

  23. Name or Nickname: Ezzy
    Email: itzme(dot)insi(at)gmail(dot)com
    Blog URL(if you have one): www.lilbitssofeverything.blogspot.com
    What is your ULTIMATE must have make-up item? Why?
    Liquid Eyeliner. Even if i don't have anything on my face i won't mind but just a simple lining of my eyes with a liquid liner will make a hugeeee difference !!

    I am following you on twitter @lilofeverything & tweeted your giveaway here:-

    Thanks to all who have joined.