Icing Eye Shadow Palettes & EOTD

I've been hearing about Icing (or Claire's) palettes for quite some time now, and I've always been interested in trying them. I first heard about these palettes from Emily of Beauty Broadcast. She's known for finding some great quality products at amazing bargains. She also has a youtube channel, which her reviews are very thorough and detailed.

BRAND: Icing
PRODUCT: 10-Pan Eye Shadow Palette
PROS: Price, Blends Easily, Pigmentation, Packaging, Not Overly Shimmery/Glittery
CONS: Can fade w/o primer, No solid matte shade, Not widely available
Would I Recommend? Yes & No

The packaging reminds me a bit of my SLEEK palettes with the matte finish, and embossing on the top of the palette. Inside you get 10 shades, two sponge-tip applicators (which are decent) and a huge mirror. I love the mirror on this! Its really big and you see everything. The shadows are a little bigger than a quarter and the palette itself is just slightly bigger than my SLEEK ones. It doesn't take too much room on my vanity and stacks nicely with the other palettes.

When you first look at the palette, the bottom row of shadows look ridiculously frosty, but it's just an over spray. What is good about this palette is that even though it contains shimmer, the shimmer in each shadow isn't overwhelming. Its like a soft metallic - right in-between matte/satin and shimmer. Which is very nice to see since most drugstore shadows are super frosty. The colors are very blendable - but do be careful! If you over blend, the colors dissipate. If you look at the swatches, the top is with the over spray and the bottom is with the over spray rubbed off. You can tell that the 5th and 6th shadows are practically identical, so its like having a repeat of shadows. These shadows are pigmented and you get nice color pay-off in one swipe. The only real complaints I have about this palette is that it doesn't contain any warm shades - all the shadows seem to be on the cool side. I would love if it contained some matte shades as well, just to give the palette some balance. I would have also loved if this palette had more colors - like blues, cranberries, etc. Also, I find that without a primer underneath, the colors can fade after a few hours - so do use a good base of some sort if you're planning to get this palette.

I'd recommend this palette for girls who are into neutral shades and beginning blenders as these shadows are more forgiving than most. If you're more of a matte shadow type of girl or if you love vibrant, in-your-face colors, then this palette is not for you.

An EOTD for you. I'm a big fan of purple eye shadow. If the purples don't look right on me, it tells me the palette sucks, lol. I like the outcome of the look, so this palette passed the test, haha. I like how it brings out the reddy tones in my eye color.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Icing Shadow Palette (The Purples & Charcoal)
Tigi Bead Head Palette (Matte Purple & Matte Vanilla)
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Blackberry (waterline)
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Sassi False Lashes

*I hate applying liner when I wear falsies. My hand starts to shake, esp. if it's my left eye, aha. My left eye's my trouble eye if you haven't noticed, lmao.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased this item with my own funds. I'm not affiliated with the company and all my reviews are 100% honest and un-biased.


  1. Hey Dee...

    I just wanted to let you know that if you do make a purchase at Beauty Story for the R&R sale, i have a promo code for an additional $15.00 off your purchase!


    Just enter that at checkout! Thanks love <3

  2. The palette is so pretty, it has pretty great pigmentation too! Love your EOTD :)

  3. That's the lovely palette, the eyeshadows look so pretty! And I love the look you did with it, it's beautiful!

  4. ohh.. a very sweet palette dee.. now I wonder why I have a problem with purple too. I don't have a HG purple Eyeshadow yet cause they always look blue or blackish on my lids....

  5. Hi, hun. Long time no comment. My apologies. :x

    Must. Resist. Temptation. To. Buy. Especially since the nearest Icing store is 30 minutes away from me. BUT! The nearest Claire's (which I heard is the same company and also sells good, pigmented shadows), is only 15 minutes away. x___x

  6. Jenn:
    Thanks Jenn!

    Thanks for the code dear!

    Thanks so much hon!

  7. Gio:
    Thanks a lot!

    Blovet Beauty:
    I love working with purple shadows, but its hard finding one that works well. I'm still trying to look for my HG purple shadow too!

    I know you're a busy woman!<3 Actually I think the other palettes (Claire's shadows) might have better pigment, but don't take my word for it, lol.

  8. wow I didn't know claire's could be that good, I used their eyeshadow back in highschool and find that they're not very pigmented but these are completely different! I gotta try them out again

  9. the shadows look so cute!!! with the embossing and overspray they look like... coins haha. never heard of this palette, but thanks for the review! will try it if i get the chance to :D

    purple's my favourite eyeshadow colour too!!!!! feminine and sexy :P love the look you did!

    ooh i just noticed the blogheader, very nice!!! <3

  10. Great place am following you now :) and i love love this look

  11. Hey babe! I love purple eyeshadows too, but I realized I rarely wear them. Love that vibrant purple on your lids, I need to find a duple

  12. Wow the design on the eyeshadows is so pretty! The colors are beautiful too! :)