EOTD: Watermelon

Two posts in one day? I think I'm doing pretty good, yeah? Here's a look I did in the spur of the moment. The colors reminded me of a watermelon hence the name in the title.

Again, lines were done using the pencil technique. I used a black base to help amp up the green shades. The medium pink I believe I used a color from my BH Cosmetics 180 palette 2nd Edition. The lighter yellow-green shade around the edges is Gorgeous Gold by MAC (one of my favorites).

Looks normal when the eye is full open. I wish I chose a brighter pink for this look as I think it would make the greens stand out way more, but I think the colors compliment each other well.

I also used a kohl liner from Rimmel (in Jungle, I think) along the upper and lover lash line.


  1. OMG, for a spur of the moment thing, you sure did a fantastic job! Can you plese show us the brushes that you usually use?

    1. I used a small detail brush and a blending brush. I might just make a tutorial for this later, thank you! xx