A Revisit: Castledew Diacut Eyes

Its been so long since I've posted a review, so why not do a revisit to one of my favorite Korean shadow palettes? This lovely palette was gifted to me a while back through a swap done with the lovely Lane of Blovet Beauty - she's such a sweetheart and her blog is filled with lots on reviews on Korean makeup!  

If you're familiar with Korean makeup brands, you know that they're all about packaging. Its very pleasing to the eye, always endorsed by beautiful K-POP stars with amazing skin -  how can you NOT resist purchasing, right? 

Castledew has been out for a while and known for having good pigmentation. I believe there are only five palettes available in this line. You can see them here on Korea Depart (the one I own is not on the site). Its rare to find an eyeshadow palette that contains matte shades, this is no exception. 

This palette in shade BE901, is a neutral palette containing browns, pinks and purples. What I like about this? The colors are not frosty, they're more of a soft shimmer. 

The colors compliment each other well and you can definitely create a lot of looks with this palette alone. When swatching, its hard to the touch but applies smooth. The colors blend well together and have good pigmentation. It lasts much longer over a base but is decent on its own. 

Swatches done without a base in natural lighting. Very natural colors and I really appreciate that the highlight shades aren't overly frosty and super opaque. They provided a soft, natural sheen when applied to the brow bone area. 

No base, with flash. I am disappointed that the gold isn't as pigmented as I would like, but I think that was the intention as the deeper colors are more pigmented. 


  1. Yes, that gold is sooo pretty! Shame that it is so sheer because it will look awesome on the lids! And omg, I think it'd be close to impossible to distinguish the first three shades when applied on the lids o.O

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! The difference is so subtle, its hard to even tell which shade is which haha