Peaceful Day

Nothing beats going for a drive to get away from all the noise and stress. Its nice to just go on a stroll, do a bit of sight-seeing, and relax. Enter Monterey, California - nice and chill. Perfect for those "do nothing" days.

So I received an email from Imageshack stating that all free accounts on their site will be removed after a year. If I wanted to keep my photos, I would have to pay a monthly fee. I don't really understand why they're making such a change, but I have a lot of photos uploaded through their site, and I'm still debating whether to recover and re-upload them. I might just do the more recent posts, but anything that dates back between 2009-2011, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to re-upload any of those photos. Just a heads up for everyone.

Have a great weekend ahead, until next time!

P.S. Hope you like the new look!


  1. Loving the new look!

    It's not worth it... but then again, you did put in a lot of hard work in taking those photographs!

    1. Thanks dear! Yea its a lot of work but I guess I can always wait and just re-up if someone requests! xx

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