Hello, internet.

Hello, stranger! My last post (which was  months ago, apologies) made me realize why I was on such a long hiatus. Besides my personal life getting more hectic, I was losing interest in the beauty blogging world. Things were started getting repetitive, the same products were being raved about - just about everyone and their mom was writing about the same thing. Simply put, I got bored and blogging started feeling more like a chore. 

So, I took a break - a long one at that. Gave me some time to think, relax and get my life and whatever it is I need to get together. It was great, but this long hiatus made me realize how much I missed writing. 

It was such a great creative outlet for me, and now, I've decided to return - for good. Slowly but surely, there will be tons of changes and I hope those who are still checking up on Hani, will continue this journey with me.

In the meantime, connect with me via
Twitter @hanidee_
Instagram @hello.hani 

Until next time, 

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