Urban Decay The Vice Palette

Hello beauties! Hope you all have been doing well. To those who have just graduated, congratulations! I wish you all nothing but success!

When The Vice Palette from Urban Decay came out last winter (this review is so delayed, haha), I was on the fence whether or not to purchase. What actually changed my mind was a friend had gifted me an Ulta gift card so I only ended up paying 15USD for the palette – original price is 59USD. OH YEA! I was curious to see how some of Urban Decay’s matte shadows performed since I only own a few of their palettes – which are full of shimmer and glitter (excluding Naked and Buck in the Naked palette, I needed more to test out, haha!).

The packaging is this purple plastic casing and has this soft, velvety rubber (think NARS) feeling with the jeweled letters “UD” raised. You also get a dual-ended brush which I've never used so I can't say whether or not I like it. While quite nice to look at, it isn’t very convenient when it comes to storage. It’s nice but gets dirty quite quickly. Let me say that at first, I loved this palette. Fast forward a few months later, my love for it went to just liking it, then like went to “meh”. After a while, I found myself barely even touching this palette.

Desperation, Anonymous, Black Market, Laced (satin/mattes), Echo Beach, Nevermind and Unhinged (shimmers) are my favorites out of this palette. They’re the smoothest out of the bunch with the least fallout. I find myself only reaching for these shades the most and I think Laced is sold as a single shadow.

Chaos, the matte cobalt blue which I believe was the main focus of this palette is one of the worst to work with out of all the shadows. It packs on nicely but blending it is a mess. It goes from this beautiful vibrant cobalt to a dirty muddy grey – blending it with other shadows was a pain as well. It’s also the chalkiest and cheapest feeling out of the rest of the shadows. The next shade that makes me want to slap myself in the face has to be Provocateur. Its glitter in a pan (makes such a mess in the palette – even when I’m not using it!). Armor, Junkie, Jagged, Muse, and Noise contain some glitter as well, but they apply better than Provocateur.

The rest of the shadows are your typical Urban Decay type of shadows. Pigmented, applies/packs on nicely and blends well. I would like to see maybe some brighter shades as most of the colors are leaning more to the darker, smoky side.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good, decent palette. But it’s not like you can’t find similar shades anywhere else. This just isn’t a must have. I know a lot of bloggers like this palette, but this is not my cup of tea – anymore anyway. Below are some looks done using this palette. I was messing with the settings on my camera again so the images aren't consistent, sorry! Hope you all are having a good weekend so far, talk to you soon!


  1. What a gorgeous palette! I love the looks you did with it, especially the first one. The colours go so well together and the blending is amazing.

  2. Penny Lane looks gorgeous! I love the first look - reminds me of my favorite Chanel Peridot polish!

  3. The colours looked ordinary in the pan but omg pretty swatched. And you know I love your looks, you mega skilled girl!

  4. This palette is hot! I love the look of the pink color 'noise'. The looks are also freaking gorgeous! I'm your newest follower, stop by my blog sometime and follow if you'd like <3


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