Urban Decay "Fun" Palette - Review & EOTDs


Not sure exactly how "fun" this palette is, but it's pretty to look at, ha.

BRAND: Urban Decay
PRODUCT: The Fun Palette
PROS:: Pigmented, Texture, Blends Nicely
CONS:: Fall Out, Some Aren't As Pigmented As Others

There are six shades in the palette - Maui Wowie (shimmery, pale, platinum gold with silver glitter), Deep End (shimmery teal), Sellout (shimmery, pale beige-pink), Fishnet (shimmery fuchsia-violet), Stray Dog (shimmery, neutral grey-brown), Freakshow (shimmery deep violet). The shades are smooth to the touch (Sellout is the smoothest out of the bunch), vibrant and blends well. This palette also comes with a mini Lip Junkie in Midnight Cowboy (translucent beige gloss with silver shimmer), but I'm not too crazy about it.

The flash represents the colors a little better than the one under natural lighting. My personal favorites are Sellout, Fishnet and Stray Dog. Maui Wowie and Deep End are my least favorites as Maui Wowie leaves quite a bit of fall out and Deep End starts fading when I blend it out - even with really light blending. I hate the lighting in my room. Sometimes it works with me and other times it hates me so much, sorry guys. Any who, some EOTDs using this palette. They last very long over a base and I would recommend this palette if you want to try out UD and appreciate neutrals and purples. Other than that, its pretty easy to find dupes for these shades.


  1. I really like the second eye makeup you did with this!

  2. Well the packaging sure looks fun! Im yet to get my hands on Naked palette. Yeah i know im super late,haha coz i had been contemplating whether to get a palette full of 'nudes'.

    Great eotd as always!

    1. You can always try the Naked Basics palette or the NYX Nude on Nude palette! Thanks love

  3. omg love your looks!! the middle one is super awesome -- I might borrow it :))

    1. It would look great on your eye shape dear! Thanks!

  4. omg I like the blue eyeliner, so mermaid like!