Boots NO.7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion

I'm such a highlighter fanatic. You can bet anything that promises a "healthy, luminous glow", my wallet would say, "Hello!". Boots NO.7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion has become one of my favorite highlighters to date.

BRAND: Boots / NO.7
PRODUCT High Lights Illuminating Lotion
PRICE: $12.99
AVAILIBILITY: Boots (UK) and Target (US)
PROS: Packaging, Price, Gives A Nice, Healthy Glow
CONS: Packaging, Can Look Frosty, Can Accentuate Dry Areas

What I like most of about this highlighter is that it comes with a pump. The only issue that I have is that this is meant to be "travel friendly" but the bottle is made of glass - no bueno. Also on occasion, there can be some product build-up in the nozzle causing clogs to happen. So if you're not careful, tons of product can squeeze out and you waste product. When this happens, I usually do little short pumps then scrape out the excess dried product to clean out the nozzle.

Now, before purchasing this, I did read a few reviews and some have said that this made them look like a walking disco ball. Unless you use a thick strip on your cheek or quarter-sized amount mixed with your foundation, all is well.
Natural Light

With Flash

This is not sheer at all so less is definitely more. This pale, pearly, pink-beige highlighter - when used with a light hand, gives a lovely glow to the skin. There are no visible chunks of glitter, the shimmer is very fine and blends well on the skin. When I use this, I get compliments of how dewy and healthy my skin looks. I have also used this on clients and they love it as well. This is a nice alternative to Benefit's High Beam and its definitely worth to check out.

I recommend this to those with normal to combination skin. Those with a dry skin type might want to use a good moisturizer before applying this as it can accentuate dry areas. What's your favorite highlighter? I love finding out about new goodies!


  1. Dee jeh!
    Just popping by to say I've read it!!
    I don't know much about make-up, so reading your little entries does me good :) Although a lot of the products you talk about, we can't get in Australia :(

    1. Mich dear! <3 I think you can probably order this online - through Amazon or eBay maybe. Thank you so much for reading! (: