SkinCareRX, Apothica, IMomoko Discounts & Sales

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your week so far. ♥ Today, I wanted to share some discount codes and sales! Don't you just L O V E the holidays?

I haven't ordered from SkinCareRX before, but I have ordered from Apothica a few times. Apothica has good customer service and their shipping is affordable and pretty quick - they're located in Utah & I'm located in California - my order usually arrives in less than a week, about 3-4 days. And since Apothica is part of SkinCareRX, I'm assuming their customer service and shipping is good too. You get free shipping from both sites on orders over $49USD.

If you're planning to shop at SkinCareRX, use the code " FAMILY20 " at checkout.

If you're planning to shop at Apothica, use the code " FRIEND20 " at checkout.

Both codes expire on November 23rd, 2011.


If you're an iMomoko lover like me, or you are planning to order from there for the first time, iMomoko is currently having a Thanksgiving sale and I believe it ends around November 23rd or 25th. You get 15% off your entire order. There are lots of new additions on the site including Etude House's latest, the "Nymph Aura" range.

Use CODE " THANKS2011 " at checkout.


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