My Favorite Bloggers Part 1

Hello my wonderful readers! Yes, I wasn't suppose to disappear a second time around, but time is seriously NOT on my side. I'm finally back (for sure this time!) and I figured I would share some of my favorite blogs with you. Each blog offers something different to the table and I'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as I do! Have fun browsing and be sure to bookmark them!

Lelo Artistry ; A talented make-up artist located in Canada. She has a fun personality and I love her work! Her blog showcases her work in magazines, photo shoots and bridal work. She also occasionally post product reviews.

Atelier Beauty ; If you're having trouble finding reviews on higher-end brands such as SK-II, La Mer, Clarins - just to name a few, Joyce's blog is the place to visit. Joyce also posts occasional FOTDs/EOTDs and reviews on drugstore brands. And who can forget her lovely ASSBUTT Milo! He always making a guest appearance and he's quite a character! She's thorough with her reviews and she always tells it like it is. I love the honesty and sass in her posts. You definitely can't find it anywhere else!

Sue Lynn ; If you're looking to try Asian skin care and make-up, Sue Lynn's blog is the place to go. She covers a lot of Japanese and Korean brands, ranging from both high-end to drugstore. She is also thorough with her posts. They may be long for most to read, but very detailed - from scents, swatches and comparisons with similar products. I can assure you its worth reading.

Iris-Istible ; Iris and I go wayyyy back to our Soompi forum days. I've known her for quite a long time now and I have to say, she's AWESOMELY AWESOME! :D An amazing graphic artist and has great taste in music. If you're looking for a lifestyle blogger or another YG-Family fanatic, check her out!

Lisa Eldridge ; A well-known celebrity make-up artist based in the UK. Lisa's work is amazing and flawless. How she applies make-up never looks heavy or caked up. She enhances a person's natural beauty effortlessly. If you don't know of Lisa, you need to! Her techniques are super easy to follow and she's such a sweetheart! Lisa also has a YouTube channel.

Blovet Beauty ; Lane and I go way back since Wordpress, haha. Her posts contain a mix of reviews on skin care, make-up, hair, music as well as tutorials. She's now a proud mom of a handsome boy, so you can also find posts about her experiences on motherhood. Her son is too adorable for words! You'll definitely find something you like!

Joseibi ; Joseibi is a blog for those interested in higher-end Japanese and Korean skin care. She used to own an online shop which sadly isn't running anymore, but her reviews are short and to-the-point if that's something you're looking for. Of course, not all of us can afford most of the products she's used and reviewed, but its always a nice read to when you're thinking about taking the plunge. I recommend all ages to read Joseibi's blog, but if you're in your 30's-40's and up, even better. Definitely check her out.

Leon's Beauty Tips and Secrets ; Leon's blog is your one-stop for all things natural and organic. She posts a lot of natural skin care remedies and has a e-book as well (which I love). She's the owner/founder of Lash Mantra, an all-natural lash enhancer, which she was kind of enough to let me try out. I love her acne scar remedy which I've posted before as well as her easy, homemade masks.

Beautiful With Brains ; If you're confused about an ingredient in your skin care or make-up, chances are, you can find it is in Gio's A-Z ingredients list located on her navigation bar. I have learned quite a bit from Gio's blog and I'm so thankful to have stumbled across it! Gio posts reviews, tips and upcoming launches daily.

Viva Woman ; Sesame's blog is a must visit if you want to learn about organic skin care lines, and homemade remedies. Sesame also does very thorough reviews. Her blog is more skin care based (and Sesame has lovely skin), so if that's up your alley, definitely check her blog out. She also occasionally posts about fashion and has amazing giveaways.

Pop Champagne ; Looking for hilarious celebrity commentary? Amazing fashion posts, and to-die for photo shoots? Then Julie's blog is a must! I have to say I have no idea how she does it, but she does extremely well. She draws you in with each post and its addicting. You can't go wrong with a funny beauty with a cool, edgy fashion sense.

Pixiwoo ; Now who doesn't know of Sam(antha) and Nic(ola) of Pixiwoo? If you don't, head on over to their YouTube channel right now! These UK beauties (also professional make-up artists) are addicting to watch as well. You always learn something new. Easy to follow techniques, amazing avant-garde looks, quick hair styles and so much more.

EevIsVain♡ ; EeVon makes blending eye shadows seem effortless. I love her FOTDS and her tutorials are easy to follow, no-fuss and straight-to-the-point. I love her bright and fun looks and her hauls!


Style Road ; Kasia has this simple, chic vibe to her and her style is fantastic. Its right up my alley and all of her looks are something I would wear myself. She's posted product reviews and cooking recipes before, but now her blog is more fashion focused. Her photography is also love. I always visit her blog for when I need a quick style inspiration. You'll love her too!



  1. Oh this is so sweet of you! Love you girl!

  2. I'm going through your list of fav blogs and I must say I love lisa eldridge, viva woman and Tea Noir!Miss u DEE@!

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, hun! I appreciate it. Love your blog too. :)

  4. Awe, You're awesome! xoxoxo

  5. Thanks for the sweet testimonial, hon! Miss your updates but love the occasional communication via Twitter. Blog soon <3

  6. aww dee i feel so flattered to be featured here! thank you so much babe :) your blog is one of my favs too! n through you i found out about jungsaemmool and apropomakeup, love love love them!

  7. *shuckies*

    Like EeVon, I feel very flattered to be included in the list,
    maybe more so because I'm still very new to the Beauty Blogger community.

    Thank you for making the effort to actually finish my long ass reviews ^_^ kudos!


  8. Oh my, I feel so bad that I didn't know you mentioned me until now! Thank you so much, hun! It was very sweet of you to mention my blog! :)