Cool It

Can anyone recommend any make-up blogs? I need inspiration! ♥ I haven't really played around with Wet N Wild's Petal Pusher palette even though I love purple shadows, haha. I adore the eyelid shade on the right side of the palette! Its a subtle version of MAC's TRAX (the gold shimmer isn't as apparent as MAC).

With Flash

Natural Light

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Freso Rose Paint Pot
MAC Beautiful Iris
Wet N Wild Petal Pusher (Right side; 2nd Eyelid - Left side; 3rd Crease shades)
Wet N Wild Greed (Left side; Matte Peach/Terracotta)
Wet N Wild I Got Good Jeans Trio (Crease & Eyelid shades)
B&C Labs Makemania Liquid Liner
NYX Eye/Eye Brow Pencil in Velvet (doesn't really show ): - on waterline)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in Very Black


  1. Petal Pusher really is a must-have for purple lovers. The lilac shades are gorgeous, esp. the 3rd on the left side of the palette.

    Your look is clean and crisp, as always <3

  2. wet and wild eyeshadows look so smooth on ur lids... are they really easy to blend Dee? such a pretty sweet look!

  3. wonderful blending! aah i must get my hands on this petal pusher palette.

  4. This is so beautiful! It is really reminiscent of Trax. I never picked up the Petal Pusher palette but I am tempted to get it now.

  5. So beautiful!! Your eye shape is like PERFECT. I want those wet & wild palettes so bad now.

  6. AtelierGal
    Definitely agree! I like that same color too. It great for a lazy smoky eye.

    Blovet Beauty
    They're pretty smooth and very easily to blend. So easy that you can actually over blend them, haha.

    Ee Von
    Get it! I know you'll do such amazing looks!

  7. Mandy
    I was happy when I saw the similarity. Trax is one of my favorite MAC shades. I think all the shades in the PP palette would look lovely with your eye color. (:

    Thank you love! Aw, I love YOUR eye shape! If you ever get a chance to purchase or swap, you should definitely get it.