Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

BRAND: Missha
PRODUCT: Cell Renew Snail Cream (Super Aqua Line)
PRICE: 49.99USD (at Missha US)
PROS: Packaging, Hydrating, Absorbs Quick, Texture, Lightweight Feel
CONS: Price, No SPF, Packaging

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Snail Mucus Extract, Botanical Stem Cell Extract and Baobab Tree Extract *You can view the rest of the ingredients on the product page.

Containing Snail Slime Extract and Botanical Stem Cell, this cream renews and triggers the regeneration of skin. Also, Baobab Tree ingredient and Deep Sea Water Complex provides abundant amount of moist onto the skin.

I love my Hadalabo Shirojyun lotion, but since my skin was getting dry (during winter), I wanted to give this a try. The price was a bit of a turn-off but I purchased this cream for half off during Missha's holiday sale. Along with the face cream, you get a free travel-sized sleeping mask. I've only used the mask about twice, so I can't really say anything other than it hydrated my skin well. I really love/hate the packaging. I love that it came with a box - seemed like you were getting a present! I adore the color - its a golden yellow and silver gradation. I don't like that it comes in a tub, even though a spatula is provided for sanitation purposes. It would be nice if this came in a pump bottle or a squeeze tube, for convenience.

This cream is said to have skin brightening/whitening properties. I did see a more brightening effect when used in conjunction with my Shirojyun lotion. Although when used alone, the brightening effect isn't as obvious, its very subtle. I have combination skin, and this didn't break me out at all. It hydrated my skin really well, but didn't leave me with a greasy feel. I like that it left a nice dewy glow to my skin. It also gave the same effect as the Shirojyun lotion - leaving my skin with a plumped feeling.

I actually thought that this is going to be a thick cream, but was quite pleasantly surprised when I saw that this was gel-based. Its a light, translucent white cream. It starts to liquify as you massage it into your skin. It feels like water and absorbs quickly. I only use this at night as it doesn't have SPF and I like using my Shirojyun lotion alone with my sunscreen during the day. This cream isn't something I would run out and purchase right away if I were to finish it up, but its a nice cream. I might try the regular version from Missha's Super Aqua line (the blue one) and I'll compare the difference between the two if I do.


  1. snail slime extract omg... what else can they not use to make skincare these days hahah. anyway, thanks for the review! good to know it worked fine for you :)

  2. There seems to be a surge of "snail" ingredients lately, huh? I'll probably give this a miss, the oxygen mask from Missha melted like a doopy marshmallow.

  3. haha I can't believe it's call renew snail cream, hey whatever works! Though I prefer stuff with SPF so thanks for the heads up!

  4. Ee Von
    I purchased it because I've never seen anything like it before. Shame it didn't do as much as I would want it to, lol.

    It wouldn't be something you'd like anyway, lol.

  5. PopChampagne
    I was weirded out when I saw it too. Of course! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Snail cream! Interesting! I didn't know this brand has something like that.

  7. does it leave a sticky cast on your skin? I've been wanting to buy this though

  8. Sesame
    I was surprised when I saw this on their site too! It moisturizes really nicely.

    Lina Kim
    No, it doesn't leave a sticky cast on the skin. It absorbs fairly quick and leaves your skin looking slightly dewy and plump. (: