Goody Thursday - Swatches Anyone?


I don't know about anyone else, but I've been getting some annoying spam comments lately. I'm sorry, but I don't want anything enlarged or enhanced! Thanks! (LOL) I haven't posted a haul in a while, and I've been happy with a lot of my purchases lately. These were not purchased all at once.

NYX "Mauve" Blush, Milani "Mai Tai" Mineral Blush,
MAC "Hipness" Blush & Hard Candy "Honeymoon" Blush

The NYX blush is the smoothest out of all of them. It feels very creamy to the touch. The Milani blush I think would look great on everyone. Hipness is a frost blush, but when applied to the skin, it doesn't look frosty at all - more like a satin. Hard Candy's Honeymoon would be a nice dupe for MAC's "Hang Loose" mineralize duo blush because of the pink and lavender combo. Only difference is that Hang Loose is a bit more pigmented.

Etude "Cream" Marbeleade Highlighter, MAC "Petticoat" MSF

The Marbeleade highlighter is definitely a good dupe for MAC MSFs! I'm definitely going to buy the other two shades as I hear one of them is a dupe for Petticoat. It's not overly frosty and definitely not glittery like most MAC MSFs. Petticoat is a nice berry color and works lovely as a blush.

Milani Infinite Liquid Liners in Forever & Everlast

These are said to be dupes for MAC Liquidlast liners. I don't own one, but these Milani ones are great! Smudge-proof, Water-proof and lasts all day! They also come in blue, green and purple. Totally Recommend!

Kat Von D Beethoven Palette (LOL I made a spelling error on the pic! Oops!)

Haven't had a chance to play around with this palette yet, so I'll do a full review on it soon.

NYX "Nude Pearl" Ultra Pearl Mania, MAC "Pink Rebel" Lustre Drops,
Revlon "Coral Reef" Super Lustrous Gloss, NYX "Black Bean" Jumbo Pencil

Those Ultra Pearl Mania pigments are super tiny! But they look adorable at the same time, haha. Nude Pearl makes an excellent highlighter for brows and cheekbones. I love using the MAC Lustre Drops in my moisturizer for an all-over radiant glow. Revlon's Lustrous Glosses are probably one of the best drugstore glosses I own. Not overly sticky, pigmented and lasts for a good amount of time. This my first Jumbo Pencil and I really like how creamy it applies. Makes an awesome base! The Shiseido mascara I'm going to be reviewing this weekend, so keep a lookout for that! This is my second tube, so you know I like it!

Have a nice day everyone. ♥

(DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased with my own funds. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned. Opinions are based my my personal experiences with the product.)


  1. Thanks for the awesome swatch post! That Hard Candy blush looks so pretty and wow it's huge lol, I think it reminds me of MAC's Moon River as well which is LE so it's nice to know another alternative if I ever run out!

  2. Spams suck. End of story, lol. Luckily you can delete them and then ban their IP adresses! At least that's what I do. ;)

    Anyways, OMG fantastic haul! I feel weird now because it's YOUR haul but it makes ME warm and fuzzy inside looking at all the stuff. Haha. I think we sort of got the same taste in makeup. :)

    I use NYX Nude Pearl a lot as browbone highlighter. It's awesome, isn't it? But taking the pigment with a fluffy brush is such a bleak affair. Lol. And the Kat Von D palete!!! That stuff has been in my wishlist for the longest of time. I shall save up some money and buy it as soon as possible. Sorry for rambling! :)

  3. ilyana:
    Haha, when I first saw the Hard Candy blush, I was shocked at how big it was too and for the price, you can't beat it!

    I block the IPs too, but sometimes it gets tiring, lol. i think we have the same taste in makeup too! The Kat Von D palette is a nice buy, I love that blue and the two purple shades most!

  4. I like the etude highlighter and the milani liquid liner ( looks super black to me!)

  5. wow love your hauls!! I'm so lemming Hard Candy stuff now.. oh why is it only available at Walmart.. =(

    Oh the Etude Marbleades are great stuff! affordable too! I've got all four of them and the pink one is definitely similar to petticoat =)

  6. Petticoat looks way more gorgeous than Stereo Rose, IMO

  7. Holy Moly!

    Love love love. I need to get my hands on some new makeup. I've been loafting. Well, I'm going on vacation!

    Hopefully in October we'll meet and eat some Salaw Machew!!


  8. Etude as in Etude house?? It looks really pretty! Looks a little like MAC Perfect Topping MSF...

    Awesome swatches! :D Looking forward to that Shiseido mascara review!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Dyna Dee,

    Wow! great haul post!
    I'm envying your haul, especially that Revlon "coral reef" gloss. Love the color,it's great for summer IMO.

  10. Great haul! Thank you for swatches of those beautiful things ;) Blushes are the best!


  11. thanks for the swatches gurl! awesome stuff

  12. The Etude Marbeleade highlighter is really pretty! I'm going to check it out soon :D. Thanks for the swatches, awesome haul :)