Blue Rocker EOTD

I'm on a roll! I think this is the most I've posted this year, haha. I'm really addicted to this Kat Von D palette. I've been reaching for this palette a lot. I actually did this look because I wanted to test out these Revlon self-adhesive lashes, and to my surprise, they work pretty well. The band is thicker than I imagined and the lashes are super soft. I personally think its easier to work with Korean/Japanese lashes, but maybe its because I'm just too used to slightly thicker, synthetic lashes. These Revlon ones are nice for natural looks, I'll do a proper review soon.

This look is pretty much like the Purple Smoke look I recently did, just using blue, silver and black. I hope you like!

I don't know why my eyes have been looking red lately.
I need eye drops!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
Kat Von D Beethoven Palette
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self-Adhesive Lashes

Anyone have a current fav mascara? I running out and I want to try something new. Suggestions please! <3


  1. Gorgeous Smokey Eye!


  2. I still need to get my hands on those Kan Von D palette. This look is super gorgeous :) and i love the lashes too!

  3. Kasia & Becky:
    Thank you ladies! <3

  4. I love both looks but the 3rd pix is so seductive haha!

    The NYX Jazz Nights Palette is a suitable dupe, I'll probably get it if I've got the chance!

    My fave mascara would be Elizabeth Arden CPP mascara. Voluming and doesn't smudge!

  5. i love it! blue smokey eyes is my fav :D glad to see more posts from you!

  6. Dee are the blue sparkles from the Kat Von D Palette? very nice, favorite is the 3rd pic!

  7. Now I want to try the Kat Von D palette too! The colors are so beautiful on you :)

  8. I wish we had Kat Von D palettes here, this one looks awesome! I love this look, it's stunning and the lashes are great too.

  9. that is really nice, and it does look smokey like what a rocker wears!

  10. AtelierGal:
    NYX Jazz Night is definitely a good dupe for this palette! LMAO. Seductive? Because my eyes are slightly squinting? HAHA. I shall look into that mascara, thanks!

    Ee Von:
    Thank you!

    Blovet Beauty:
    Yup, there are sparkles, but it isn't too shimmery! Its between satin and shimmer. Thanks you <3

  11. Dina:
    Thank you so much!

    Thank you Gio! Sucks you can't order them online!

    Pop Champagne:
    Thank you <3

  12. Beautiful look..will try it this weekend..can you do a tut for this

  13. Maddy:
    The look is done using the techniques from the previous demo. If you check back a post, you will see the tut. Thank you for your comment! (: