Makemania Super Fine Eyeliner

Long time no post everyone! Happy Easter and hello to all of my new followers ♥ Its been a while (like two months) and I have to say, coming up with a post is not as easy as it use to be. I've tried so many liquid liners and have never been satisfied. They bleed, fade, flake, smear - you name it. Oh yeah, I've definitely had my share of raccoon and panda eyes. As gel liners do work for me, sometimes I want something that's quick and easier to use. Whilst shopping at a local Japanese market, my prayers have been answered. Say hello to Makemania's Super Fine Eyeliner.

Yay! Its in a slim pen form - travel friendly, convenient and quick. What I also like is that the packaging includes a little step-by-step guide for those who may be new to makeup. Which is common with most Asian brands and is always a plus.

I don't think that this liner is available at all local Japanese markets, but you can always check and see. I purchased this liner for around 12USD and I know some online shops have it for around fourteen. Imomoko once carried this on their site, but now I've only found this liner to be available on eBay, BeautyKat, AdamBeauty, Sasa and YesStyle.

What caught me eye? How thin the brush tip is. The tip is 6.5mm (0.26 inches) thick and is tapered into a really fine point, which makes drawing fine lines and tight-lining a breeze. The brush tip is also flexible, so its easy to work with and to manipulate your lines.

Not sure if you'll be able to see (the image of the brush tip above the close-up), there's a small hole and that allows for air to come in. One time I wasn't careful and shook the product too much. So as I was lining my eyes, that hole produced a little air bubble and it popped on my lid. It wasn't pretty folks. That's about the only gripe I have on this.

Pigment wise, its a nice solid black. I know it looks shiny in the swatch, but on the lid, its matte. Once this baby dries and sets, it stays put. No budging, smudging, fading or flaking. My eyes water a lot and when I use this liner, I don't have to check on it. This lasts all day for me until I take it off. Even removing it is quite difficult. I have to go over it with my makeup remover at least twice just to make sure I've completely removed everything. I've used this liner over a primer as well as on its own.

I definitely recommend this to those who are looking for a decently priced liquid liner that lasts through out the day. QUICK TIP: I advise that before using it, shake it up a bit and do a few strokes on the back of your hand to allow the product to flow through the brush tip smoothly and evenly. If you try to shake it up and use it right away, you might get a gradation of gray and black.


  1. When I get to New York this week I will have to look for this in the Asian beauty markets, hopefully I am able to find it (or something as good)

    1. Most Japanese eyeliners are really good! I'm sure you'll find one you like. (:

  2. You are so sweet! Love u girl!


  3. Nice, I like the slim tip!! Have you tried Dolly Wink's version?

    RYC, I have yet to try any other products from Banila Co besides the primer that I reviewed. Any recs?

  4. so precise!! i love asian eyeliners :))

  5. Great review! I love how the affordable Japanese cosmetics perform so well! :)

  6. theres something about japanese eyeliners that always seem to work for my oily lids. its always more precise and easy to use too!!

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