a yellow brick road?

Well...not really, but there is an OZ. OZ Sushi that is! My lovely Angelle (she's a wonderful photographer) finally took me out for an extremely late birthday lunch. But hey, better late than never! She discovered OZ thanks to her sister and I'm always up to try new sushi spots out of town. If you're ever in the Lodi, CA area and you're looking for a nice sushi spot, OZ is a nice place to check out. Mind you that on a busy day/night, don't bother. I took the boyfriend and his cousin out and the current hostess/waitress forgot about us and we waited about 15 mins - with no beverage! PFFT. But luckily for us, there was a very kind waitress that noticed us and quickly took our order. We got food in under 5 minutes, so kudos to that. Now onto the food! I need to work on my photography, BOO.

Can't live without some Gyoza in my life!

She ordered the Youngster (right) and Tempura roll

My Bohemian Rhapsody (what a name!)

Me and Angelle
Yay for no make-up and awesome lighting. My skin doesn't look too bad haha!

About three weeks later with the boyfriend and his cousin.
Mushroom Bomb - Don't they look like meatballs? XD
This is the best mushroom appetizer I've ever tried. Filled with yummy goodness!

The cousin's Dancer roll.

The Boyfriend's Wonderful roll. (Wonderfully delicious this was!)

Vogue roll

Next time, sashimi!

Do you like post like these? I was thinking of doing posts on some of my favorite restaurants in different cities. It would be a nice break from the occasional beauty posts. Yay or nay?


  1. I was craving for more Spring Rolls today, and now you make me want to switch to Japanese! LOL!

    Always nice to have lifestyle entries. Shows that you're human, haha!

    1. Haha, its so yummy and fills me up much faster than Spring Rolls. Love it! Right? Its nice to have a change every now and then. :D

  2. yay! although i don't know if i'll ever get to try them since i live so far away.. i still love looking at food pics :)

    1. Me too! Its nice to see other's favorite places to go because whenever you decide to visit, you have an idea of where to go.

  3. I have just eaten dinner but my brain clearly doesn't know that. I salivated when looking at your pictures haha >.<

    RYC, I bought the H&M ring and necklace in December so they aren't new new. Your H&M store might still carry them!