Sun In A Bottle With Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus

Having a hard time achieving that natural, glowy tan look? Do you end up looking like an oompa loompa? Look no further! Estee lauder's Day Wear Plus with Sheer Tint Release might just be the answer for you!

BRAND: Estee Lauder
PRODUCT: DayWear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer SPF15 Sheer Tint Release (Mouth-full isn't it?)
PROS: Hydrates, Coverage, Contains SPF, Evens Out Skin Tone
CONS: Can Fade, May Be Dark For Most, Perhaps Discontinued
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I threw away the box, and I can't find the ingredients listing anywhere. When I do, I will update this post. This product is no longer available on MACY's or Estee Lauder sites. Maybe its getting discontinued, but you can still purchase this in stores.

This is housed in a squeeze tube bottle. The fine nozzle helps the product from splatting around. As you squeeze out product, you get a grainy, grey cream. As you start to spread it around, it quickly emulsifies into a thin consistency and the grey color starts fading and blend into the skin.

From the swatches you can see that this moisturizer has a somewhat of a grainy texture. It has these tiny 'beads' that break and emulsify when you spread the product on the skin. I pretty sure these 'beads' activates or releases the tint. The result is a 'I've-been-sun-bathing' glow.

The picture does not do this justice!

Its quite natural and I do like it even though I'm not too keen in bronzing. I think those who are extremely pale might not like this product much. Even though this is a tint, it does tan you up quite a bit. I have combination skin, and I've found that after maybe 4-5 hrs the color starts to fade (cheek area) and my skin looks uneven. I know that Nicola of Pixiwoo loves this and she has dry skin. So those with a drier skin type might find this to be slightly more long lasting. I do like how it moisturizes my skin; keeps me hydrated all day (I've used this in the winter too). Much better than other tinted moisturizers in the market.

All in all, a nice product if you like looking bronzed but nothing to run out and get right away. I probably won't repurchase. Perhaps there will be an upgraded version of this which is why I can't find it on the website but either than that, I know you can still get this at the Lauder counters in MACY's.


  1. I just bought it, but in Europe it has a different bottle and it's waaaay more expensive, like double price...unfortuanatelly.
    It's a great product tho!


  2. Really nice comparisons :) I don't have the tinted moisturizer but I do use the sunscreen from this line :) The difference on you is drastic! You went shades tanner :)

  3. estee launder has some nice skin stuff, this looks nice that it's SPF and as well anti oxidant, gotta check it out now

  4. It does give a healthy glow kinda look, but too bad it's not long lasting on you..

  5. I haven't seen this at local counters, but looks like I'll steer since it might be too dark for my skin tone.

  6. @Kasia
    Its a shame that prices are so jacked up in Europe!

    @Rainy Days & Lattes
    I was shocked how tan I looked too! And this is only the sheer tint. I wonder how tan I'd be with the actual tinted moisturizer!

    @Pop Champagne
    I really like how moisturizing it is. Doesn't leave you greasy at all. :D

  7. @DinaXYYan
    I know! Such a shame. But its okay. At least I won't be shelling out 30 bucks all the time, lol.

    It'll definitely leave you pretty tan!

  8. It did actually have a nice effect on ur skin maybe I'll try it one day. Thanks for always dropping by my blog..u can add me on facebook so that we can talk more it's Zoe Bg^^.