Vitacreme B12 & Happy CNY/V-Day!

Hi everyone! I intended to make this post earlier, but it flew off my mind and I just remembered when browsing Imomoko yesterday, lol. I think a few of you have heard or know about Vitacreme B12 already.

Those of you who may not know:
Vitacreme B12 is a product formulated in Switzerland and have been been raved in various Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese magazines. It gained even more popularity in 2007 when Japanese sex bomb Norika Fujiwara feautured the product in her book, saying it’s her secret weapon for having young, beautiful skin. Also known as cyanocobalamin, Vit B-12 helps to regenerate, nourish and moisturize skin tissues with its deep penetration capability. - Source

Visit this link to see how you should apply Vitacreme B12.

How To Order:
- Costs US$38 ; payable by PayPal and no installments.
- Free postage ; shipped worldwide.
- US$40 for registered mail.
- Payment to be made before order.
- Please email and be sure to visit Vitacreme B12 for details.


HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE! I hope all of you are having a blast with your loved ones and for those in the US, have a nice President's Day on Monday. I hear there's awesome sales going on, so go check your malls, lol. And has anyone seen this? I spotted this on Pretty Pretty Yum Yum and it's so cute! Sushi hearts! I'd so buy this if they made this here!


  1. Oh wow! This cream sounds awesome. Wish I could try it out. :)

    You'll have an opportunity to try those Moroccan products sweetheart. I'll send you some along with our swap. :)

  2. It's like we have mind connections. I wanted (now getting) the VOV Castledew palette, you have it. I was planning to get the Vitacreme, now you have it. Let me know how it works for you! :)

  3. Thanks dear for the help out! A review is coming soon :)

    I think you can use those heart-shaped cookie cutters to make those sushi. Do the usual way but less rice & fillings, then put in the cutters and cut out the heart shape. Hopefully shops are opening today, I'll see if I can find any ^_^

  4. Kasia: Thank you so much!

    Iris: LOL. I love that VoV palette, I'm sure you'll like it too!<3 I haven't tried B12 yet, I'm going to though, lol.

    AtelierGal: Its two separate ones, and I don't think i can ever make anything close to that, lol. And you're welcome!

  5. OMG another new (and super fantabulous!) layout! Great job, Dee!

    Ohhh u have Maybelline Great Lash?! I've been trying my luck to get one for myself through swaps, but no luck so far. =( I'll be sure to check out your review soon. =D