A Piece of Me...In February

I almost nearly forgot to do this! I hope all of you are doing good and do join the game! Its a great way to get to know each other. (:

This month....
I like: that we're soon to recieve our income taxes! Yes for paying bills and buying more stuff! XD

I don't like: that Valentine's Day is around the corner.

I want you to know: I'm having projects and homework piled up and I missed an assignment already, haha.

I've planned: to get more sleep!

I want to say to someone special: You don't need to do anything for me, I already know you care.

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  1. Awww... what a sweet message at the end!

    Bee Lucious? Never heard of it!

  2. Hi Dee! I like your new layout! :)

    I hope I get lots of money back from taxes too hehe and yes if you are ever in the LA area let me know would love to meet you <3

  3. don't we just love it when we know that money's coming in our way? haha. i love the new layout! looks really professional and organized! i'd love to join the game but i've just missed the first sunday. i'll start next month! :D

  4. - Blair: Really? They're quite popular as well.

    - Dina: Thank you so much dear!

    - amynaree: Awesome! I might just get to meet you up in the summer!

    - Ee Von: You definitely should! Yes, I love when I know money's coming my way, lol. Feels great, haha!