Canadian Bacon!

I want some, no joke [LAUGHS]. This post is a bit overdue as I received this back in December (I think?). I've wanted to try Annabelle Cosmetics for quite some time now, but sadly they do not ship to the States (or internationally for that matter). So my awesome friend Iris [of Iris-Istible] sent me a few items, thanks lover! Your package will be on its way soon dear. It was hard looking for that Hard Candy item you wanted cause its always sold out!

I'm not going to include everything, just some of the main ones. I hope some of the swatches are of good use for anyone who's interested in Annabelle. Enjoy!

A bunch of awesomeness.

Some extra goodies~!
Do you see that green box? That is a mini box of goodness right there! It's the Gingko line from Charmzone (a Korean brand). I was able to test it out for two and a half weeks and it did so much for my skin. Let me tell you that I've been looking for this line and its completely sold out! I'm still on the waiting list! If you need something for trouble or sensitive skin, I recommend the Gingko cream. Its the star product of this line, seriously. Iris also included the Nokdu Foaming Cleanser and the Laneige Sleeping Pack. The Nokdu cleanser feels nice - it didn't dry out my skin and cleaned off dirt and grime pretty well. I can't say the same for the Laneige though. This sleeping pack has been raved about by many bloggers and it really got me intrigued. Sadly, it didn't work well for me and it was just too rich. The product didn't absorb fully into my skin, I woke up look super greasy and it gave me some bumps. She also sent me some nail polishes - now I'm not a nail polish person because I detest the smell (it gives me headaches - weak sauce, I know!) and I like bare nails. But I use these on my toenails and I really like the Gosh (purple one) she sent. It has a purple-green duo chrome to it and looks amazing in the light!

This was something that I didn't expect! She added this MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Blonde for me. Its a cool pink shimmer highlighter and looks really nice under flash.

I've never used L.A. Colors before, so I'm excited to put these to the test soon. Iris sent me two palettes; EP21 Soirée and EP42 Wildflowers. Soirée is a pastel palette filled with cool blues, purples and a silver. They look alike in the pan and even when swatched, but they're all just slightly different. Wildflowers is a warmer palette filled with golds an pinks. It is also more pigmented than Soirée.

I really dislike when brands are available in different countries and they don't carry a lot of the same products or certain lines are limited. Case and point, Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight [700]. Its only available in Canada and the US line does not carry this shade. Although a recent shade was released that is almost similar called "Spotlight Beige". This is a nice peachy-nude color that doesn't make you look dead.

Who doesn't like pigments? Very useful and multipurpose. Chiffon is a light golden yellow that I like to use for highlighting my cheekbones and brow bone. Prism looks like a plain white pigment in the packaging, but when applied, you comes off as a beautiful lavender in certain lighting. Golden Pink is well, a golden pink, haha. At first glance, I actually thought it could be a dupe for MAC's Expensive Pink - but Expensive Pink has more peach undertones.

Lastly, Annabelle eye shadows. These shadows were much talked about as well. These shadows are the same size as MAC shadows as shown below [shadow is Beautiful Iris]. Helium is a shimmery off-white/beige, Indigo Blue is a medium indigo and Ka-Ching! is a soft, antique mid-tone brown. Pigmentation wise, I think they're alright. Much better with a base, but on their own, they come off a little sheer when applied with a brush. It feels harder than a MAC shadow so maybe I have to use a flatter or stiffer brush with them for better color pay-off.
That's it folks! Thanks for reading and commenting as always. Hope everyone has a good week and talk to you all soon.

My heart goes out to those affected by the recent earth quake/tsunami in Japan. Please text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Japan & Pacific tsunami relief or go online to see how you can help! Every little bit counts. ♥


  1. Iris is awesome, that is one big pack of goodies!!

    Do some looks with them please? =D

  2. I'm glad you got to try Annabelle, they are amazing! Oh and they do ship to US, but you have to call them. You can find the info on their website.

    The Rimmel lipstick looks gorgeous. x

  3. Blair
    She's AMAZING<3 I will try to do a look real soon!

    G A B Y
    Definitely better than some of the stuff we have here. I can't wait to try the Smoothliner! Do they? I'm definitely going to check again. Last time, I didn't see anything about shipping to the US. Thanks for the heads up love!

  4. the colours are awesome!!! wanna see u do some really nice eotds!

    xoxo elle

  5. wifluvelle
    Thanks love! Wil try to do some soon!<3

  6. Blonde looks so pretty! I have been thinking of getting a pink highlighter re: Illamasqua Lies. Looks like I gotta make do with Deep Throat for now.

    We have LA Colors here too, but the prices are several marked up =3

  7. I expect EOTD's, hun. That's the sole reason I sent you stuff! ;)

    If Annabelle is accessible to you, I'll send you other Canadian brands or Canadian-only brands next time. And some REAL Canadian bacon if you'd like, ha ha! :D